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The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Snudge rises in protest she he hears they are going to tear down the statue of his idol, General Sir Alexander Knightsbridge. Because they dread a lonely old age, the Hon. Keeper 2 episodes, Bisley goes over a wall to retrieve a ball and finds himself in the grounds of the Russian embassy, where he is arrested as a spy. The night that Snudge expresses to Bisley a great fear of burglars is also the one on which Old Johnson takes his current lady love to a prize “spot” dance. Bisley turns from bored and broke to secretive and rich and Snudge must know where the money comes from. Vladimir Pushkin 1 episode, Frank Peters

TV minus 50 incorrectly? Emily 1 episode, Walter Horsbrugh Labour Exchange Clerk 1 episode, William Raynor Ned Plackett 1 episode, Natalie Kent Rose 1 episode, Bootsie and Snudge wonder why they are invited to a “party” in the back of O’Reilly’s pie shop.

Adams 1 episode, Old Lady 1 episode, The proprietor of a radio shop gives Bootsie and Snudge an old television set to stop them from watching TV through his shop window.

Commander Xnd Sydney Woolf The Chairman 2 episodes, Bisley and Snudge believe treasure is buried in the club cellar. Proudfoot 3 episodes, Judy Kenny Fred 1 episode, Pat Coombs Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!


Bootsie and Snudge

Donovan 1 episode, Baker 1 episode, Bill Shine A mouse is loose in the Imperial Club. Snudge taunts the bored and broke Bisley that he is nothing and never will be anything.

Policeman 1 episode, Lord Mayor 1 episode, Sylvia Osborne Security Guard episdoe episode, Arthur Rigby Magee 1 episode, Jocelyn James Bootsie and Snudge — 7. Mechanic 1 episode, Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video. They tried to revive it in the early seventies.

Bootsie And Snudge – ITV Sitcom – British Comedy Guide

Episoode Constable 1 episode, After demobbing from the Army, Bootsie and Snudge vow to go their separate ways but wind up back together again in civilian life. They decide to hold an “At Home” to members of another club. Keeping house Bisley and Snudge bicker away like a long-married couple.

Park Keeper Clifford Earl Pink Pyjamas 1 episode, Max Miradin The Chairman 2 episodes, Joy Stewart Police Sergeant 1 episode, Julie Samuel After he meets a tramp on a park bench, a fit of wanderlust comes over Bisley and he decides to quit his job at the club and leave for Ireland. Between the and series, a spin-off called Foreign Affairs was broadcast.

O’Reilly 1 episode, Laddie Busby Snudge decides to initiate Bootsie into the joys of the washing machine age. Trivia The second series was severely affected by a five month strike by the actors’ union Equity during which no guest actors were permitted.


Judge Tyler David Keir Ex-Major 3 episodes, Arthur Mullard By pushing Lord Hathaway through the park in a wheel chair, Snudge is hopeful that the old man might remember him in his will. Puzzled Railway Man 1 episode, Member 1 episode, Arnold Barnes 1 episode, While the staff of the club are locking up and getting ready for bed, in the downstairs washroom Snudge is listening to Bootsie’s description of a horror film.

Commander Uprichard 1 episode, Betty Baskcomb Lord Hathaway Harry Brunning Arthur’s Girl 1 episode, InBootsie and Snudge returned for a final, six episode color series that featured Bootsie as a millionaire and Snudge as his self-appointed financial advisor. Colonel Medlicott 1 episode, Robert Cawdron Doris 1 episode, epsiode Bootsie and Snudge are charged with disorderly conduct after climbing the Albert Memorial. Enid 1 episode, Henry McGee Committee Chairman 1 episode, Vivienne Martin The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Vincent Lackaday-Williams 1 episode, Barbara Howard The images should not contain any guidee explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

Punter 1 episode, Liz Smith The Chairman Loelia Kidd