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Lansky advises Luciano to be cautious in their new heroin operation. Richard then voluntarily removes his mask, and she paints his portrait. During his visit with his sister, Richard finds it difficult to put down the family dog. Richard storms Gillian’s house and kills many of Rosetti’s men. Richard ventures out into a secluded forest during a remembrance day memorial, intending to commit suicide. To prove his loyalty, Richard kills a local gangster who had disfigured a young prostitute with whom Jimmy was close. Boardwalk Empire American television seasons in fiction in fiction.

Eli brings Capone back from Chicago with him as a major ally in Nucky’s fight to hold onto his empire. Displeased by Nucky’s refusal to sell alcohol to anyone but Rothstein, Gyp takes over the strategically situated small town of Tabor Heights, New Jersey and blockades the alcohol shipments between Atlantic City and New York. Fearing for Tommy’s safety, Richard attempts to remove the boy to Julia’s house, but Gillian finds out about the plan and, angered, she has Rosetti’s men kick Richard out. Margaret suffers setbacks while trying to promote her Women’s Health clinic. Gillian seeks Leander’s counsel in financing her bordello, for which she must either change her business model or let go of the past. Views Read Edit View history.

Margaret negotiates a woman’s health clinic in an audience with the Bishop. Nucky goes on sesaon run while his wife disappears with her children. TV by the Numbers. Nucky agrees to tell Richard, but for a price: Richard looks after Juliz when he is injured in a bar fight, and meets Paul’s daughter Julia Wrenn Schmidt. Margaret reveals to Owen that she is pregnant with his baby, but before they can run away together he is killed by Masseria’s men.

Richard now acts as a caretaker at the brothel, and looks after Jimmy’s son Tommy.

Retrieved November 14, Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Jimmy invites Richard to stay with him and his family, and brings him into his bootlegging outfit. They corner Richard in the barn; during the ensuing struggle, Richard kills one of the gangsters, but the other one breaks Richard’s hand and nearly kills him.


This article needs additional citations for verification. Retrieved October 24, Richard hears that Mickey is taking credit for one of his killings, while Nelson visits a speakeasy with coworkers. The series was created by Terence Winter and based on the book Boardwalk Empire: Terence Winter said that if Harrow was not fatally wounded after shooting Maybelle, then Harrow would have committed suicide.

Van Alden comes clean with his nanny Sigrid, but this backfires when they are visited by a Prohibition agent, forcing him to return to O’Banion’s place. Retrieved October 31, Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that sagogsky independent of the topic and provide significant coverage seasonn it beyond a mere trivial mention.

Retrieved April 25, Fearing for Tommy’s sesaon, Richard attempts to remove the boy to Julia’s house, but Gillian finds out about the plan and, angered, she has Rosetti’s men kick Richard out. One year later, Richard is a permanent resident at the late Commodore’s estate, which Gillian has since turned into a brothel. Richard ventures out into a secluded forest during a remembrance day memorial, intending to commit suicide.

Richard Harrow

Eli and Mickey visit Tabor Heights. As he prepares to shoot Narcisse, he hesitates and his hand shakes, and he accidentally kills White’s daughter Maybelle when she unexpectedly steps into the line of fire. Gillian turns on Richard, evicting him from the house. Huston stated that at first “Richard was a brilliant killer”; then he gives up killing, losing rmpire later, he was intuitive and expected himself to err; after shooting Maybelle he hesitates, allowing himself to be shot.

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Huston posited that Harrow’s scrapbook became a reality: Richard is now established as the right hand man on Jimmy’s bootlegging crew. Nelson’s new sales job gets him into trouble with Capone.

Gyp and his crew move into Atlantic City. Theresa’s hospital is met by resistance from both patients and doctors, and Chalky argues with his daughter over their conflicting plans about her future. Once he was able to care for himself he left to live in Chicago.


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It’s a full-scale war in Atlantic City, and bodies are piling up on both sides. Richard Harrow is a fictional character on the television series Boardwalk Empireplayed by the actor Jack Huston. Richard then moves into the Thompson home where he acts as a bodyguard to Nucky, his companion Margaret Schroeder Kelly Macdonald and her two small children. Volume 1 Volume 2. While her son longs for a male presence in saogrsky house, Margaret rekindles an affair with Owen.

Boardwalk Empire American television seasons in fiction in fiction. Gillian cuts ties with Luciano, giving Gyp a tip in the process.

Richard ventures off one evening to a veteran’s legion for support and to discuss compensation which has been promised to wounded veterans.

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Regarding Harrow’s vision at the end of his life, Huston stated “In a way he reached heaven in his life. Owen’s increasingly prominent role in the bootlegging operation is boardqalk with jealousy from Nucky when they both end up hiding out in the house of a precocious liquor thief.

Nucky, Eli, and their respective families bond over Easter dinner.

At first Margaret and her children are frightened by Richard’s appearance, but they eventually warm up to him. Because of his appearance, Harrow wears a tin mask in public that was molded to mirror the intact right side boardwaalk his face.

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