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After looking at her face, Hajj shouts at her because apparently she was wearing make-up. Mounia and Karima Episode 1, Click here to sign up. Hanae smilingly grabs the note and watches Anis leaving with admiring looks on her face. After complimenting her on her successful last surgery he wishes that he assisted her. After that they all leave the villa.

It tells the story of a widow, Mennana, who is the mother of four daughters and who struggles to keep them in control and confine them to their home. Ismail and Amina Episode 1, Bnat La La Mnana, Episode 1 www. The second series that will be featured in the practical part is Dar el Ghezlane. Karima zealously expresses that women can work outside, and then they would see if men can take care of the cattle, fetch water and do housework, nurture the children and cook. F5 Music Most Recent.

Karima and the Women of the Village Episode 1, He starts flirting with her in a secluded place and she fears that someone might find them.

Bahia asked her to find solace in crying and that expressing her grief would make her feel better. Mounia, Karima and Hajj Bahi Episode 1, Rhimou asked Bahia what she was doing in there; the latter replied that she was resting.

This is uncannily 23 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. She bnte started gossiping in a low voice and sneering at the daughters telling the other woman that they only appear to be well-behaved whereas in fact they are reckless and immature.

Once more, the woman is depicted as a disrespectful figure that does not shy away from sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of a funeral to steal food. This gives the impression that women, no matter how 22 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. Her friends are afraid that she might have killed him and she says that he deserves it for peeking at them. This perpetuates the idea that even if a woman has reached the peak of her career and is financially independent and highly educated she is still susceptible to the tricks played by men.


Aicha suddenly changes the subject upon noticing that they have a seemingly new fridge and asks Rhimou about it.

However, after Karima leaves the room Mounia reverts to her former state which shows how difficult it is to change vnate mentalities and that sometimes affection can blind people from such egalitarian considerations. He says that he cannot wait to wed her and have her as his lawful wife. Modern series episodes typically last 20 to 40 minutes in length. Pharrell Williams produced the tune of the track and this time, you can say he experimented a bit too much.

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Anis, played by Oussama Bestaoui, is the new village doctor who represents an educated urban man who is forced to move from a big hospital in order to occupy a position as the new doctor of Dar el Ghezlane. Interestingly, this scene depicts the sudden emancipation that the absence of the father figure leaves. Again, Mnqna Bahi uses the same techniques to persuade Rachid to marry Karima by praising her cooking abilities even though she did not prepare the tea at all. The scene was to portray a hospital.

Younes asks him if he will ever change and says that Dr. Rexha undertook her performance on a neon-lit square floor by the sides and a nurse standing by her side while she sings on a hospital bed.

The first example that will be analyzed spisode Lalla Mennana which is a Moroccan series that was broadcasted in on 2M. Accordingly, the first part of it will provide a theoretical background that will pave the way to the analysis chapter. Karima is still wearing manly clothes and her father shouts at her saying that 27 Dar el Ghezlane, Epsiode 1 www.

In this scene, the stereotypical conflict bnare the wife epjsode her mother in law is portrayed as Sfiya, the mother in law, expresses the resentment that she harbors towards Mennana because she denied the late husband from seeing his mother in his lifetime and even after his death he was buried before his mother had the chance to bid him farewell properly.


An episode is to a sequence as a chapter is to a book. Bnat lala mnana yurri sanae. You know you want to. The eldest daughter offered to tend to the widows after the guests are gone while showing her frustration after mopping the floor of the whole house.

Popular Videos Reviews more reviews. Suddenly, he notices a female doctor talking to someone at the end of the corridor. Likewise, even wearing make-up was faced with scorn which further proves the kind of pressure that female women go through in rural households as depicted in the scene.

He even had one of his servants monitor Karima so as to keep her from doing anything that might bring shame to his name.

Anis Episode 1, Their maid who is present at the ceremony asks 26 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. Shocked, Rachid tells her that her father had not informed him of her pregnancy.

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Aicha in the Kitchen Episode 1, Anis quickly turns his back on them and apologizes claiming that he bnatee not see anything. Once again, Karima plays the role of the rebellious older sister who keeps an eye on her younger sister to keep her from doing anything that is against her feminist ideals.

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