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Find the button on any track to add it to your Bookmarks! Youssef sarcastically says that Karima is not like other women. Mounia and Karima Episode 1, Bahia asked her to find solace in crying and that expressing her grief would make her feel better. Shocked, Rachid tells her that her father had not informed him of her pregnancy. He asks the maid where Karima is, when the latter tells him that she is in her room he asks her to call her in order to say Hi to Rachid. Interestingly, this scene depicts the sudden emancipation that the absence of the father figure leaves.

Despite harboring deep affection for her late father, his absence now means that the authority of the father is gone and an example of that is the coming of her secret lover, Imad, which would not have been possible if her father was still alive. She speaks about the inequality that they suffer from and that men are the only ones who are privileged. He was just as funny as his father. The second series is Dar El Ghezlane who at the beginning seems like another stereotypical television show but in fact it provides the reader with a different outlook on the situation of the Moroccan women through portraying the pressure that a free thinking Moroccan women who has feminist principles lives under and how she copes with the situation in a rural area where the views on women are traditionally conservative. They live with their mother in North Morocco. Hajj Bahi tries to fix things by saying that she is indeed one of a kind. This perpetuates the idea that even if a woman has reached the peak of her career and is financially independent and highly educated she is still susceptible to the tricks played by men.

How was your first Ramadan meal of ? Amina ironically remarks that Karima is neither like rural girls nor Spanish ones.

She waits until Karima leaves and calls her boyfriend again wishing that he would answer the call. The first example that will be analyzed is Lalla Mennana which is a Moroccan series that was broadcasted in on 2M.

The Representation of Women in Moroccan Television | Zak Boukhriss –

They meet a DJ alien on a faraway planet when their spaceship crashes where the alien Marshmello fixes the DuckTales spaceship. Karima is still wearing manly clothes and her father shouts at her saying that laoa Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www.

For the Moroccan viewers I have another favorite show that I watch. Hajj Laoa pours tea for Rachid and claims that it has been made by Karima. Oh I loved that show. She says that she knows what the women of the village are afraid of.


The video is about adventure in outer space with these adorable DuckTales to go with.

Contrary to the first scenes, this one does perpetuate stereotypes; on the contrary, it challenges them. Shortly after that, Karima comes and feigns illness, she asks Rachid to help her sit. It tells the story of Hajj Bahi, the governor of Dar el Ghezlane who is played by the late Mohammed Bestaoui, and how he struggles with his eldest daughter Karima, played by Meriem Zaiimi, who is a feminist in the unlikeliest of places. But now we can enjoy a new season full Moroccan funny drama and lovely dramas.

She wonders aloud and asks Rhimou whether it was a contraband or under warranty. They leave him lying in the ground and head for the ceremony.

You had a nerd, a hunk, a funny guy and more. Log In Sign Up. The study consisted of an analysis of advertisements, daily and weekly newspapers in all the languages, the two main television channels and the radio stations. She told Mennana that if she could not do it for her then at least she should have done it for convenience or for the sake of guests lalw reputation.

It was so typical Egyptian, with thousand jokes a vnat.

Bnat Lalla Mennana- épisodes 28 & 29 part 1-2

During the funeral, as the guests are mourning the dead man, two of the daughters, Bahia and Chama played by Noura Skalli and Samya Akeryou, argue in whispers as the first one blamed the second for not painting the windows properly.

The theoretical part also tackled the situation of women in the national media and presented some studies that dealt with the same issue. They are portrayed as showing one face to people and talking bad about them in their back.

Problems like marriage, pregnancy, jealousy and more. Younes asks him if he will ever change and says that Dr. Some star power Marshmello has! Anis, played by Oussama Bestaoui, is the new village doctor who represents an educated urban man who is forced to manna from a big laa in order to occupy a position as the new doctor of Dar el Ghezlane.

Episode is abbreviated as ep plural eps. Suddenly, he notices a female doctor talking to someone at the end of the corridor. Indeed, this scene reinforces this image of grievances that mother in laws nurse towards their daughter in laws and vice versa; the two women are depicted as fierce rivals in numerous occasions. After a few moments, they arrive at the well where the women gather to fetch water.


Bnat La La Mnana, Episode 1 www.

bnat lala manana ep المسلسل المغربي بنات لالة منانة الحلقة 25

Sfiya Episode 1, This is exemplified when Sfiya sobs with her granddaughters and blames their mother in front of them for putting their father through a lot of misery. He asks the maid where Karima is, when the latter tells him that she is in her room he asks her to call her in order to say Hi to Rachid. If you love politics then this is your show! Upon noticing him, the women scream and warn one another that there is a man watching them.

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Nsawlo Hdidan – Episode 15 – Ramadan – نسولو حديدان – Youtube On Repeat

Karima argues that she does not want to eradicate men; she simply wants to make them understand that without women they would episde 25 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. Anis Episode 1, Aicha pretends that one of the guests complained of hunger and thirst and that she was just came to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. Indeed, Rachid falls into the trap of this idealized housewife and declares that he prefers rural women to Spanish ones just because they are good housewives and excellent cooks.

One stereotype that is strongly reinforced in this scene is that of women being always curious in their quest to discover hidden things and unveil family secrets even though it has only been a day since the death of the owner of those objects, namely the father.

Hanae and introduces himself.

Then, Mennana asked them to clean the house, paint it and change the coverings of the guestroom.