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The first two which emerged in were said to be in such bad shape that KnAAPO engineers had to rebuild them. The SuMKK has 12 weapons pylons,10 of which can carry guided missiles. Boragh or Boraq Persian: In Chengdu unveiled yet another version of the J-7, the J-7G, of which about 24 have been produced by the end of This decreases the expenses of the airborne assault vehicle servicing in the army allowing a significant reduction of service maintenance of airborne combat vehicles in the army. Also, at the Beijing Airshow a JH-7 model carried a new cruise missile which resembled a turbojet powered version of the FL-2 anti-ship missile. All articles with close paraphrasing Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Uralvagonzavod products Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Armoured fighting vehicles of Russia Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. It combines missiles with 30 mm automatic cannons, a combination the Russians pioneered and which has so far been copied by no one else.

Also, at the Beijing Airshow a JH-7 model carried a new cruise missile which resembled a turbojet powered version of the FL-2 anti-ship missile. Autocannon are automatic guns with calibers of 20mm or more. A type TPU is used for communication between crew members on board. He will be versatile in the fight on the battlefield. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments. It is likely several other MRAP vehicles produced by other factories will also take part in the parade. The foundations of the Russian efforts seem largely philosophically based on the very different perspective that Russians have about people in the world.

The turret and gun are however those of the new system. Antonov has made a considerable effort to enlist PRC support for its advanced but troubled An transport program.

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The Russisn are also dissatisfied with its range, which is a result of an inadequate engine which is unable to achieve a “lofted” missile trajectory that allows for greater range. If required, these weapons can also be dismounted from the vehicle.


Driven aggressively, the cars will run out of power in about 30 minutes. The BMD-2 is a Soviet airborne infantry fighting vehicle, introduced in The version pictured is the infantry fighting vehicle version with the 30 mm automatic cannon and the Kornet anti tank missiles.

Mod will be large-scale improvements BF2, there will be a historical authenticity, along with fun and interesting gameplay. Elbit’s helmet sight is also the basis for the U. Most of these vehicles were half-tracks.

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Tank and infantry units were often organized as separate units, which led to problems of command and coordination. Unknown but will use thrust-vectored engine for advanced maneuverability Guidance: Member feedback about Gryazev-Shipunov GSh The main emphasis was put on improving the main armament. It is interesting to note that airobrne FC-1 final design development process may have benefited from the computerized design technologies acquired for the J program.

A 2E weapons stabilizer allows the stabilization to be in two planes; the elevation and azimuth. In this, Russia has managed to almost eliminate its debt.

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The mock-up had the number “,” perhaps indicating that was the year Sukhoi and Shenyang agreed to the upgrade. Tikhomirov NIIP N; km range; track 10x and engage 2x targets; future version to feature a new indigenous multi-mode radar; new indigenous targeting pod Systems: As a strike fighter, the SuMKK will also have russiwn impressive reach due to its aerial refueling capability.

May 28, Thermal sights are also available for the ATGM launcher. The third larger batch of 28 appears to be assigned to a single training unit. fo

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President Putin discussed the situation facing Russia now, and offered plans and solutions that are bold and sweeping in the effort to get the country in better shape domestically. The FCS implements a significant increase of the armament effectiveness by engaging a wide scope of targets in complicated weather and landscape conditions.


Improved performance was important for its intended role fighting against tanks and enemy helicopters and covering helicopter landing operations. Despite the intense interest and reporting in China on the August 25 maiden flight of the Chengdu FC-1, and its apparent success in securing financial support from Pakistan, it remains unclear whether the PLA will purchase this fighter.

Member feedback about BMP The KhMK also has an active guidance radar designed for anti-ship missions. Armored cars and other.

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The commander’s seat is on the right of the turret and has a cupola with a hatch cover that opens forward, while the gunner’s seat is on the left and has a single-piece hatch cover that opens to the front.

Ignition is electrical, as with the smaller GSh Afghanistan — 50 Ts and 50 Seriss were ordered in from the Soviet Union and delivered between and Ts were previously in Soviet service.

Dvigatel P95TM, kg thrust. They iarborne that Sukhoi had rebounded from the initial embarrassment by investing in modern tooling from Europe, Japan and even the United States. Development Origins Infollowing the completion of the Mil Mi, development began on a unique attack helicopter with transport capability.

After testing, the aircraft went into series production in at Tbilisi in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. The crew consists of a driver, a vehicle commander, and a gunner and holds four passengers.