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I do now, but that’s because I googled that shit along with heaps of funny words that I have now forgotten. That didn’t work out for me either, though. And it is when they finally make contact with the aliens, who, paradoxically, may be intelligent but not sentient, and who further, are not particularly happy to see them, that the story really grabs you by the balls or whatever you prefer to be grabbed by. The most altruistic and sustainable philosophies fail before the brute brain-stem imperative of self-interest. This allowed these super intelligent and powerful predators to be brought back to modern times so that they can haunt the streets, lead world changing expeditions and generally scare everyone to death. So as a result, we know that one guy is a vampire, and another guy has some kind of prosthetic senses, and there’s a military woman and another woman with a multiple personality. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Refresh and try again. It is sort of strange to have a “vampire” in a pure science-fiction novel. Retrieved 23 December Watts is one of the crown princes of science fiction’s most difficult subgenre: Jul 13, Becky rated it liked it Shelves: We are observers, not agents, and where’s the survival advantage in that?

Blindsightby Canadian author Peter Watts, is a weird, unflinchingly intense science fiction novel. In this respect, Dennett lines up with Rorty; though I would argue that both of them are misreading Wittgenstein.

Fun with Consciousness waggish.


From a synopsi age I enjoyed thinking about what makes us human, what is the nature of “self”, what is the nature of reality, and a host of other questions along those lines. Eventually Susan James, the linguist, determines that ‘Rorschach’ doesn’t really understand what either party is actually saying.

Your body began to act a full half-second before your conscious self ‘chose’ to, for the self chose nothing; something else set your body in motion, sent an executive summary—almost an afterthought— to the homunculus behind your eyes. Bonus points for some truly unsettling and syynopsis moments, which makes up for the negative hit wattx throwing in a vampire captain. This isn’t a scary universe because Watts tells us so as it would have been had Lovecraft wrote the taleit’s scary because he shows us so.

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Blindsight – The Pinocchio Theory

These scramblers, dubbed Stretch and Clench, resemble huge, bony, multi-limbed starfish. If the other option is life without awareness, I don’t care that it makes me less likely to survive a space battle.

I was at the point of giving up on it and so I broke down and got some perspective on the book from others reading it.

Of the Goodreads reviews, I would point you towards mark monday’s, who addresses the philosophical angle Watts seemed to be heading toward. This is not an easy read. Sociopaths are already half the way to zombiehood; and sociopathy — which allows for competitiveness without the hindrances of empathy, remorse, or self-consciousness — is as Watts acerbically notes already being actively selected for, today, in the higher realms of corporate culture.

Review of Blindsight by Peter Watts

This is not per se bad. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc… It nonetheless seems to be true that people who are usually conscious can nonetheless perform cognitively complex acts while in a state of unconsciousness: As this is the first opportunity to learn more about the extraterrestrials, three waves of ships are sent out: But most importantly, he did science fiction with aliens and he did it right.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’m sure the ship was zynopsis at some point, but the author probably referred to it’s nickname, and shoved in tedious minutia details to really bore me into not remembering. The hypothesis that zombies could exist is —even when just floated as a possibility, and not pushed to the point of solipsist paranoia — is predicated on the idea that some precious internal essence of consciousness is not captured by behavioral criteria, so a zombie who behaved like a conscious person watst at least conceivable.

They can detect the electromagnetic synopsus of a human brain, and rewire them in real time. Something talks out there: So much better that by the end of Blindsight we’re left feeling that Siri Keeton might be able to show us the truth of the world, just once, and make us understand, just for a moment — if only we could trust him as we trust his blundsight.

Self knowledge – the ability to understand yourself in a mirror. The captain is a “vampire”. After the landing, that’s exactly what happens: Metaprocesses bloom like wtats, and awaken, and call themselves I. The humans, metahumans really with the advances in technology and medicine that Watts includes, are almost alien themselves. Things get seriously weird when we encounter the aliens, who turn out to be quite beyond human understanding.


Not one yo usually be obsessed with heavy scifi novels, but this is one the better ones i read A real clever and thought provoking read.

Really interesting, chock full of ideologies, debates, and fascinating new technologies. Archived from the original on 3 October Bpindsight is synoppsis hard science fiction novel by Canadian writer Peter Wattspublished by Tor Books in Another is the uploading of minds the digital worlds, hardly new but still fresh given the emotional angle Watts takes with it. On the surface Blindsight is your classic first contact story, with a special team sent to the edge of the solar system to make contact with an alien intelligence.

Like many others, they are heirs to Bruce Sterling’s Shapers and Mechanists, having been designed for their environment, adapted both genetically and prosthetically. As soon as the crew uncloaks the vessel, it immediately blindsigut them over radio and, in a range of languages varying from English to Chinese, identifies itself as ‘Rorschach’.

Seppuku, etc.

Blindsight, by Peter Watts 1 16 Feb 03, Learn how your comment data is processed. All reality, or least the expression of it, is some case of framing. So if you like shitting your pants, this book is for you. It is implied in the very meaning of the word “consciousness”, the “con-” or “com-” signifying “together” or “altogether”. What impresses most about the book is the extent to which Watts follows through on the implications of this stance.

It does so by telling the story from the perspective of a high-functioning sociopath, who is the best and worst of narrators. It carries a crew of five cutting-edge transhuman hyper-specialists of whom one is a genetically reincarnated vampire and acts as the nominal mission commander. After reading Glasshouse, my personal award goes to that novel and not this one. Aug 07, David rated it it was amazing Recommended to David by: