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Juvia Loxar is voiced by Brina Palencia in the English dub. As of right now, only up to 48 episodes have been dubbed in English so far, but if people buy season four of it, funimation could make more. I am looking for an anime called colorful. I think someone posted it somewhere up there…. I am setting up an ftp server on my home comp. Try going to http: Realitylapse has those Outlaw Star episodes you want in English subs. The Best Anime download site is:

Fumoffu Full Metal Panic! Anyone know where to get direct English episodes of Shaman King? Does anyone know a site where I can download Gundam Seed Destiny ? It needs to be in english tho. It also has a button at the top of the scree … n that says “Watch more anime” that will lead you to other sites where you can find many other shows C: You get 1 episode a day unless you become a member, and it has good DL speeds. Called The Subwire http: I bought the whole collection everything to do with Slayers from ebay.

And with English sub? It needs to be in english tho. Unfortunately, he relies on Mega upload or some similar site, which limits you to one animeratlo at a time, and a bandwidth limit approx 4 episodes every few hours.

Once they finish more they will be released anomeratio and soforth until most likely all the episodes are d … ubbed.

Still, one of the best anime sites is Anime Academy. Episode 30 of Fairy Tail has already came out. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Then you can get em. No movies are available, though. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? I still have quite a collection in my favorites. You can watch it on Kissanime orCrunchyroll. Then will be in english. Last order Final Fantasy: The site just started updating again, but only has If you think that then why didnt you help them?


You can watch it onKissanime or Crunchyroll. I know its a random bunch, i have everything just been uploading in no particular order:. It came out on August 22, Some anime sites where you can download lots of series are: Damit, I am tired of the fucken bol shit, someone help me.

Yeah, the youtube thing really messed it all up for Detective Conan.

When bleacj Fairy Tail episode 23 English dubbed come out? Is there anyone who knows where I can watch online episodes of Detective School Q?

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I am looking for information type sites. It downloads on the spot so you 1188 to do much. Hey my Site has every anime you could think of http: Who knows a anime site with direct downloads for Gun X sword?

Does anyone know where I might find Episodes 19 through 26 of outlaw Star? Would you like to merge this question into it? It has already came out.

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Please where ca I download Naruto Episodes?? You can get around the not being able to download anime from AnimeCrave you still must pay by doing this: When will the Anime ‘Fairy Tail’ episode 43 that is English dubbed come out? If you want free online anime visit http: I episoxe all the rest but can not find those. Naruto full quality. For torrent downloads, I think animeyume. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh o…k something strange happened to that message… half it its missing… but yeh do you know any direct download sites and torrents dont seem bleacu like me I always get viruses Y.


Ok Jubei, go to animenuke. I am setting up an ftp server on my home comp. Is fairy tail English dub cancelled? I need some help finding fruit basket trackers cuz I need the volume 19 and 20 or at least some chapters of volume 19 so pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me!!!!

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I really like the site http: If there is anyone that can help me. The ones I mention in the first sentence anyway. Thanks in advance Kuri-chan xxx. You may block cookies via standard web-browser settings, but this site may not function correctly without cookies. The sites called http: Can anyone help… Anyways, a good download site for Naruto or bleach would be http: Does anybody know a site that i can download case closed epdisodes for free or wathced it?

I just want to keep abreast of the anime scene.

Angel Scrapped Princess Ah! Anyone know where to get direct English episodes of Shaman King?

Where can you watch English episodes of fairy tail? Does anyone know where I can find episodes of Gad Guard on the net?