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Components provided and optional items are subject to change without a prior notice. However the reliability problems with this camera are so common that we cannot recommend it. Turning off BlackVue Turn off the ignition. Organize the power cable. Select the desired screen. This may cause a traffic accident because it distracts you from keeping your eyes on the road. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Image Quality Image Compression:

Double-click the firmware upgrade file. Insert the Micro SD card into your smartphone. This may cause data loss and product malfunction. No notes for slide. Format the microSD card in the Viewer. Set the image quality of a file to record. Press the button, and the Configuration window will appear. Stop playing the file temporarily.

The older recorded files will be deleted so that new video can be recorded in a limited storage space.

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Do leave a zeason, question, etc if you have any, will try to help as much as I can to my knowledge because I understand that this buyer does not really offer much after-service help. After firmware upgrade Wi-Fi login information will be reinitialized. BlackVue Windows Viewer v2. You will see this in the config.

If power supply to the device is interrupted by a crash or accident, it may cause video not to be recorded. Unfortunately it does not appear that the overheating problem has truly been resolved. Make sure not to turn off the power during the upgrade. If G-sensor is detected for over 30 seconds, the device will shift to the Normal Recording mode.


The lower bit rate is likely one reason why night recording appears to be worse than the original camera. Unfortunately this firmware is in Korean and all voice prompts are in Korean. Back up the important files in another storage medium.

For older models or firmware versions, please update or download and use the Legacy Viewer further below.

STEP-8 The dashcam will reboot automatically after applying the upgrade, and start recording. Install the device in an area where it does not block the drivers view. Timeline Bar Using the Timeline, you can check the recording status by the hour of the selected date. In the parking mode, only if the camera detects motion motion detection or an impact occurs G-sensorrecording gets started.

You can also play the video in video player applications for smartphone. Select the desired screen. Connecting the Micro SD card with no default files to the main body will automatically initialize the Micro SD and install the firmware.

The BlackVue viewer will be launched.

Pittasoft claims that this version has improved night recording via software filtering. You must be running v1.

Your browser is out of date.

Double-click the desired file Or, select the file and press the buttonand the file will be played back. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Do you feel having a dash cam was contributory to the damage? Set memory usage proportion for each recording type when saving recorded files. Set sensitivity viewing the video being played. The product is equipped with motion detection technology developed by Pittasoft, which specializes in IP cameras.


We do not take any responsibility for problems caused by the use of other memory cards. If you set [Set Normal Recording] in the configuration blac,vue [Normal Blackue Off], normal recording becomes deactivated.

The driving route will appear on the map. Double-click the playback pane for a full-screen view. Using a Windows or Mac OS computer: For more information, visit our website.

You will find on this page all the latest firmware, PC, Mac and mobile applications, as well as the manuals for your products. Product Name Serial No. Make sure not to wet the product. Be careful not to delete important files. Types of Recorded Files: Many users have complained that night recording is actually worse in this version.

BlackVue Usage Installation 5. Very easy, no dealing with the battery or removing trim, just abit of wire stripping and tucking.