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There is kidnapping, coercion, deforcing They will be back shortly. Narin, dear, we have extra room here.. I will have you thrown in such a place You waited all those years If Mustafa gets out of the hospital now, they put him in jail until the trial, That’s for sure.

But that bastard pilot got scared, Before we cross the border, it got dark. Don’t turn your face to him, don’t look at him, if you don’t want to, but I’ll prepare a report. Instead of checking from the rear vier mirror, they take their head from the window and look back. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. I am going back to the hotel, You?

There was a segmental bone fracture in his leg and we fixed it with intramedullary nailing.

We are doing all the necessary procedures He said that it was a condemned man’s last request When I saw these fresh pastries. I drove the car into him; I wanted to run over him, But, he escaped unharmed.

You buluut here as a tourist and then behaved as if you are engllish here. Mustafa in a moment of impulse shoots Narin to end this pain for them both with tragic unexpected consequences.


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The bullets weren’t able to kill engpish We don’t want any witnesses and affidavits. If Aslan Bey had caught her here in the room, though We took of two bullets from his arm and leg.

Bir Bulut Olsam – I came here for check-up. Look, how she suddenly stopped and get off the car like a bolt from the blue I don’t want us to get screwed.

See our usage guide for more details on embedding. I will drop you off on the way home and then come back and get you later A painfully tragic love triangle story with unforgettable performance by Engin Akyurek. You didn’t talk when I gave you permission Is there any news about that crazy Mustafa? Zubtitles is kidnapping, coercion, deforcing Why are you yelling now?

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olsqm Don’t say that Bahar, Look at me Why are you shutting me up in front of everybody? And he left us in the middle of prairie, saying he was running out of gas. Don’t give him any room in your life, anymore.


I am not going to calm down until Mustafa is in jail! They only want to test your compassion!

If you want, I can take you to our house, Narin’s mother is staying at hour house, too. Poor Narin, Of course, she is going to say, “Mustafa” did not shoot me. Mustafa is going to stay in the hospital for a long time. You made him do it, didn’t you??? You see him when he regains his conscienceness this evening or tomorrow.

For the love of God, please tell me the truth, I heard that he was shot. They won’t let him out until he gets treated and better I am not going to shut up Serdar!

Their plane landed, I sent Ibo there. I’ll change my clothes and come back. Gul Abla explained a little We are not in a better condition than you I am fine, Everything is ok.