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Sunny slyly asks her if the Indian audience would accept such a celebrity who is also from an Indian origin. Amar and Vida were jailed by Shraddha for not following the rules of the weekly task and upsetting her. Juhi comments that Sunny is perfect for Bollywood as she has a charming face, she is cute and innocent and brings much-needed freshness with her. Housemates had to dance on their respective songs on a round platform when the songs are played. Sky goes out and tells Sid how he was the one who saved Sid from kicking Pooja Mishra and getting out of the show for being violent. The housemates, overall, managed to grab points out of She finds a consoling shoulder in Sidharth and tells him how Sky has been playing double and unfair games. Sky again invites Juhi and Sunny to comment on the topic and Juhi takes no time to jump into the argument and agree to the fact that Amar has been calling the women of the house as weaklings.

An understanding Juhi hugs her and manages to calm her down. As the day progresses, Sunny is called in the confession room to talk about her stay in the house. The two again fool Sky by a fake secret task. Some peace was resolved as the housemates calm a furious Lakshmi down. Sunny was exempt from nomination. Akashdeep Nominated by Shraddha Pooja M.

Profile and Biography of Sonika Kaliraman beautiful wrestler and contestant of Bigg Boss 5 Sonika Kaliraman is a beautiful wrestler of India and have done few modelling assignments too.

She is seen dancing on a Bollywood number and is wearing a fine traditional Indian outfit. The day started on a very positive note and everyone around was happy in the house on the eve of Eid. He niswas to confront Mahek and the fight takes bisswas turn for the worse.

The poll was completed a new captain for an upcoming week was finalized.

Pooja Mishra blew her top over an innocuous inquiry by the housemate Shonali Nagrani. The task involves them riding a rickshaw and taking it to different cities that are marked on a map that is provided to the contestants. To end the matter, Siddharth and Amar pep themselves up for a fight, but they are clear that it will happen only after the weekly task is complete.

After this fight, Sky and Amar unite and decide to discontinue the task assigned to them. Amar has been assigned to be a personal slave to fellow male contestants, Sidharth and Shakti, till further intimation. Comments No responses found. The two get into a very nasty fight, so much so that Siddharth almost kicks her.


Lakshmi observing this called Siddharth and teased him. Pooja Misrra tells her side of the harsh reality that she faced after leaving the Bigg Boss house.

Sky responds by saying that it was just a gesture of respect for the elders. Haseena Teri Misaal Kahan Boys are made mentors and have to form three teams. In the evening, Sidharth is seen going up to Juhi and patching up with her. Sky makes use of sseason opportunity and runs to get the keys bisws the drawer when Shonali runs behind him and asks him to leave the keys. All were having a hearty laugh and Andrew Symonds too had a ball with his newly made friends.

Gulabo chose Pooja M. The day starts with Siddharth swimming in the pool early in the morning and Mahek passes by. Sunny and Siddharth mop the floor.

The both argue for a while until Siddharth gets fed up of her nonsense and walks off. He tries to enter the room but Pooja Misrra slams the door really hard on his face. Pooja Misrra had to wash all dishes alone for 24 bosd according to the power given to Gulabo while exiting. An emotionally drained Vida breaks down completely as Juhi sits by and consoles her.

Chuichali: Nihita Biswas on Bigg Boss Season 5

Haseena teri Misaal kahan: She meets Sky and the rest of the housemates and spreads loads of joy and happiness in the house. But, when she asks Pooja Mishra to join her for washing the dishes in the morning, Pooja Mishra proceeds to the bedroom to apply makeup.

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Post the announcement, the weekly nominations take place where in Bigg Boss calls the captain first to directly nominate a candidate. Bigg Boss chose Juhi as the winner and awarded her with a gift hamper. Shakti keeps his calm and listens to her but finally when Nihita goes back in the house, he is relieved at the sight. The other contestants, however, cannot go scot-free. Lakshmi intervenes and cracks a few jokes about Pooja Misra. Sid tells Mahek that he feels ashamed of supporting Amar while all of this was going on.


Amar walks out of the scene and accuses Sky of creating unnecessary drama in the house. Views Read Edit View history. After a lot of justification and name-calling, a frazzled Juhi breaks down and refuses to eat. Contestants were asked to choose between re nominating Shonali as the captain or electing a new captain. She nominated Akashdeep directly placing him against public vote. As the day progresses, Bigg Boss announces a weekly task for which the entire house is seen working in unison.

Siddharth was removed as Captain for not dedicating enough commitment towards the duties and responsibilities of his captaincy. Titles alloted as per the Task Beauty Miss Meethi chhuri. Shraddha Sharma was evicted from the house after facing the public vote.

Nihita Biswas

Since the housemates completed the task successfully, Bigg Boss awards them points for their luxury budget. For the coming week, Shraddha and Siddharth were given the task for dish washing and the cooking team, consisting of Juhi and Pooja Bedi, expressed dissatisfaction with their work. They’ve to call her Rajkumari.

Swami Agnivesh entered the house as a Houseguest. The letter declared the completion of the weekly task. Nihita Biswas, the Nepali wife of Charles Sobhraj, became the first contestant to be evicted from the Bigf Boss house tonight. Seasoh knowing what to do, Juhi leaves the room.

Biography of Nihita Biswas, Big Boss 5 contestant, wife of serial killer Charles Sobhraj

After breakfast, Sky and Juhi are seen sitting in the garden area talking about Amar and his “wanna-be” nature. While Juhi, Amar and Sky taunt them, Sid maintains his stance of seasoj getting into a fight unnecessarily with anyone around. Shonali Nagrani was evicted from the house after facing the public vote. Akashdeep kept on trying to take up a fight with Pooja Misrra. Nihita Biswas Harsh Sunday October 9, “She came up to me and said she shouldn’t have asked me such a question on a public platform.