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Deepak goes to Saba and says are you mad, Saba cries and says its okay, I shouldnt joke with you and try to wake you up, Deepak says I am sorry if I hurt you, she asks him to give time, he leaves. It is rumoured that the Bigg Boss 6 house will be moved back to Lonavala. She nominates Dipika for playing good in task but less involved in house. Urvashi says sorry to Deepak, he says its okay. He says you cant choose Deepika, Romil and Nirmal as they are in jail. Dipika says to Sree that Surbhi said I dont talk to anyone other than Sree, she planned to be wild till 10 weeks and then become domestic.

Surbhi will name the people whom she wants to nominate this week. Surbhi says I just told Somi that she likes Deepak too and now she is miffed with me, now Romil, Deepak and Somi will reconcile. Bigg Boss 12 8th October Watch Online Speed Watch. Everyone is very happy. Saba and Sristy come from police team.

October 8, at 6: Sourabh says to Deepak that they will keep up, Bozs says I didnt stop Romil for water, he was hurting and when I stopped him, he said that they can leave task, he woke up your man, celebrities woke up Urvashi.

Deepika asks KV to go, he says no. Dipika says I dont like to discuss strategy with me. Each week, housemates nominate two of their peers for eviction, and the housemates who receives the most nominations would…. KV says he was just blocking her and when she noss, he let her go. Romil says Surbhi is fake. Saba tellyngaari that I am not crying, shut up. Jasleen says to Anup that Deepika was rubbing so much, she enacts her, Jasleen laughs.

Surbhi says Romil keeps eyeing Somi badly and calls her sister? They plan to block Jasleen. There are two wickets in garden with their names written, buzzer will play vigg contenders will choose wicket keeper for them, wicket keeper will stand behind and Sree will bowl, wicket keeper will run out the contender he doesnt want as to be captain of house, then the one who gets run out most will lose and other will become captain, only pairs will be bosss keepers, people in jail cant participate.


Romil holds Sourav and he is out.

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Dipika says she is full of aggression. Deepak says telynagari call her friend and backbite her thats diplomacy. Anup is watching and asks does Jasleen have any stress of him going or she just. Deepak sings around Rohit.

Neha says she was expecting this. KV higg and leaves. Romil says how low will she stoop? Surbhi says to Romil that I am not diplomatic like you, you called Somi weak against her back. KV says this is not right. Surbhi says I am not his mom, I asked him but he is not wearing it.

Bagian dari halaman ini. September 28, at 5: She says everything is done. Somi says we have to make house run, Somi says house will be destroyed, Deepak says so I shouldnt even marry?

Bigg Boss 12 29th September 2018

Saba lies in her bed and weeps. Deepak tells her then she should go there and discuss her point of view. Romil says I am not going when I performed wll in task.

Jasleen says if you take part in all this conversation fpisode it will come on you, you heard Romil calling Somi weak. He is sanchalak now. Neha comes inside and tells KV and Dipika about her conversation with Sristy.


Bigg Boss 12 8th October – TellyNagari – Complete Indian Television Portal

Deepika says Sristy was less involved. First they will stop Surbhi and then Deepak. Deepak says to Romil that she said that Rohit and Somi are her friends. Surbhi calls Rohit and asks him to wash dishes as punishment.

Somi says to Romil that how can you say that for me? Somi says are you taunting me? Episode 4 Joint Venture: Neha says sorry Bigg boss, Karan and me will go for captaincy. Deepak goes to Saba and says are you mad, Episove cries and says its okay, I shouldnt joke with you and try to wake you up, Deepak says I am sorry if I hurt you, she asks him to give time, he leaves.

KV says look at me, tell me who are they?

Deepak says Sree helped her in becoming captain, KV is her papa, Rohit is her friend too. Bigg boss says they are chosen by inmates so you three have to go.

Bigg boss asks who they have chosen. He tells Bigg Boss that he wants to go home. Neha tells 77 that we won so we have right to choose and we can choose a pair wpisode but let us think, Kriti says you won so its good.

Sristy laughs and says I am joking. Deepak comes to KV and asks he thinks he is worst from 7 members that are in jail?