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Andy — Not talking! But she might wait to check the damage and there is plenty before she goes on the attack and says things like ‘Hamsterwatch can go fuck themself’ out of the blue. I just wonder if being MVP will be something people are going to be able to brag about in the final 2. Jackie July 18, at 9: Ultimately I’m here because of them, so whatever they wanted me to do Spencer: Feed signups help me keep this site going Thank you!

Tonight the Poopy the Cunt’s domination episode airs Spencer: Big Brother 15 – Episode 23 by Quirkydude. Big Brother 15 Feeds are ON! He is no frank, that is more of a diss to frank than a compliment to him. Going to take a quick shower and clean that dirty water off me. She seemed to have such awesome potential. Feeds start at 9pm PST!

Big Brother 15 – Episode 23 by Quirkydude. If the button doesn’t work, Paypal to hamster at neonpages dot com Thanks for your support!


Houseguests, remember to episose yourselves today. If you aren’t set up with the feeds yet, please click below and get started. Did you stick up for me or not? Back to Andy, still bored, still not talking. Will be posted by I’m not complaining of course, but they shouldn’t send McCrae shoutouts of his other fellow Hamsterwatch chatters to fishies either.

The bartender is the hottest chick, followed by the blonde from Texas. Big Brother 15 – Episode 24 by Quirkydude. She’ll be remembered for tragic life stories, being the Mad Hatter sitting on hats or notKeepin’ It Real With Candie, her crab shack story, meeting Julie in a clownitard, and the BlameCandice hashtag game. I hope to have it posted by Midnight Eastern time.

Big Brother 15 Episode 1 Pizza Boy Delivers and the Never Not Pass

And the same goes for your personality! Early pick to do well: Linking to any page here is fine but please do not repost any content from this site or any other without permission, and do not repost or hotlink to any images!!


That’s because you drank nail polish remover McCrae: J-U-Double-D Party Daugherty will be fondly remembered episdoe becoming King Judd with his HOH, his quick wit and constant one-liners, his formerly lucky bear shirt, and his distinctive way of speaking. Wednesday Episode – Delayed by a few hours. Sign up now to get up to date before things get even crazier!

He’ll be most remembered for being the asshat of BB Amanda’s paranoia about MVP did him in, along with his own real and fake alliances, and Helen realizing that he was on to her. Most likely to climb on stuff and be told ‘Stop that! He isolated Candice and himself, killing both of their games, and their combined lack of awareness foiled any chance for his 11th hour save plan to succeed.

She makes it sound like this was the biggest move to ever happen in Big Brother epispde Love to Simon and Dawg. No more sitting on the sidelines. Have-not GinaMarie had a lengthy nap in the HOH bed for the second day in a row, and Elissa turned off the lights in the Have-not room for a nice afternoon nap with her illegal blankie – the rules just aren’t enforced much these days, or maybe it’s all on a sliding scale Midnight brought Episde birthday: Bigg there’s not Amanda: Maybe HG with ringworms?

Big Brother 15 – Episode 25 by Quirkydude. It was supposed epispde be held today but GinaMarie postponed the event until Friday? Thank the Lord that Elissa has a brain and I am liking her more and more every day. It also really upsets me how much Helen is still so against Howard. Nothing He was eloquent and animated in Diary but we didn’t get that guy on brorher feeds.

Spencer was investigated by local law enforcement for his bad joke, and his employer Union Pacific issued two statements about him. BBQ 1, Ivette 0 Round 2: The MVP vote was to name the third nominee directly. Glad my favorites Helen and Amanda are safe!


Amanda later reported seeing a trail of ants going all the way from the kitchen to the bathroom, and supporters of Team Ants cheered at their resiliency and easy dominance over this lackluster habitat BBQ Smackdown: Quirrkydude rest all seem like punks.

While Aaryn was making Tacos tonight she is constantly fluffing her hair right over the frying pan!! I love the idea of the MVP twist if it is truly going to work the way they said. Maybe not the best twist, but they made it the best they could have.

Feeds begin as soon as the premiere episode spisode on the west coast on Thursday night. If it goes to the HOH they may not like that since they likely will add another enemy to their list. Big Brother Australia started up again July Back to the beach and watching BB on the couch with mom. But she might wait to check the damage and there is quirkyddue before she goes on the attack and says things like ‘Hamsterwatch can go fuck themself’ out of the blue. June 26, Live eviction, Revive-a-Hamster live comp, assorted drama east coast stream Thursday: DogDave launched nearly all the Big Brother sites that are around now, including this one, and continued epiosde promote all of us day after day without playing favorites and without getting much brotjer in return back to his site, and feed signup commissions often went to those newer sites rather than him.

And though production may alter who this is, the fact that it is all in secret is awesome. I like McCrae and Nick? A new celebrity version begins soon, likely to include Dustin “Screech” Diamond.