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Hyde-like monster by a Magnavor chemical. The star quarterback of University of Notre Dame, who is also a hunchback, gets amnesia and winds up in the Hillhurst attic. Contents [ show ]. Van and Trip hire two demolition guys to destroy Hillhurst, while the Magnavors send Jet Fighters to attack the Beetleborgs. He wants to capture Little Ghoul for stealing a magic wand from a witch who mistreated her. Deadly Nightshade, a Transylvanian bounty hunter, comes to Hillhurst. Van and Trip hire a phasm hunter this time to take out Flabber. As the House Monsters leave Hillhurst on Halloween to do some Trick or Treating of their own, the mansion attracts unsuspecting kids believing it to be haunted.

Now the Beetleborg had to help Count Fangula to return to itself again. This page was last edited on 10 February , at Flabber brings Captain Blackbeard into the present to help with the kids’ history project. Nukus destroys the Beetleborgs’ armor, weapons, and powers, and turns Flabber into ice. A year after the three children became Beetleborgs, Flabber is re-imprisoned in the organ, and the Magnavors find the monster Nukus in Art Fortune’s office. Retrieved from ” https:

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While the kids try to persuade Art Fortunes to draw new armor, weapons, and powers for them, Nukus frees Fortunes’ twisted brother Les from jail and summons some of Les’ drawn monsters into the real world.

His Beetleborg form was drawn up by Arthur Fortunes. Jo is accidentally turned invisible by a magic spell book.

The Beetleborgs will ultimately have to work together with the Crustaceans to put this out-of-control monster in his place. The rock band Torpedo try practicing new tunes in Hillhurst, and get an unexpected inspiration when the monsters mess with their instruments.

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Two bank robbers attempt to hide in Hillhurst, but Flabber gives them a elisode of his own justice. It starred three typical all-American kids: The show remained relatively popular, but like Power Rangers the source footage eventually ran out. The new Beetleborgs Metallix confront Nukus, but the newly-drawn Worm Tanks cause some serious trouble for our heroes. It even aimed to a younger demographic, evidenced by the heroes being years old.


When our heroes questioned on who should be the new Dragonborg, Drew said that he thinks he knows who can. Slightly Darker and Edgier but nothing too shocking.

Upon returning to the Mansion, the mysterious person removed his hood, revealing himself to be none other than the Beetleborg’s former comrade Josh Baldwin.

After a huge lunch the monsters at Hillhurst fall asleep,but are rudely awakened by a raven,which announces the arrival of the famous writer Edgar Alan Poe.

The Crustaceans summon the Hagfish of Gar, a monster who can put children under its control with its song as well as spew slime, bg Nukus attempts to use it to brainwash all the children of Charterville including Drew, Jo, and Roland by sending them through an “Evil Archway”. It was slightly hinted that Jo had a crush on him. It also had a storyline completely different from its Japanese counterparts.

After a successful battle, everyone at the Hillhurst Mansion welcomed Josh back to the team.

Big Bad Beetleborgs

The White Blaster Beetleborg was created after Shadowborgan evil clone of the Beetleborgs, stole their Beetleborg powers. The Beetleborg powers stolen by Beetlegorgs, the kids seek out Art Fortunes for help.

Now the Beetleborg had to help Count Fangula to return to itself again. Baron Von Frankenbeans, Frankie’s creator, returns, and gives his “son” an operation to increase his intelligence. Josh recaptures the stolen Beetleborgs’ powers, but feels he cannot handle being a Beetleborg himself. An author of children’s books visits Hillhurst for inspiration, until he himself is transformed into a monster.


Retrieved from ” http: Wolfgang wants to come along with the Beetleborgs and the Astral Borgs the Lightningborg is now found to add to the team of three so far to see what it’s like to be in the middle of a battle against other comic monsters.

The Beetleborgs’s luck changes when Flabber is re-released. The ghost of Old Man Hillhurst loses his peace and quiet in the grave naturally due to Magnavors with instruments and poor talents and returns to his mansion, but first tries to get rid of its current inhabitants.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Count Fangula is feeling ill. His weapon, the Astral Laser, carries a powerful sting. The three young comic book fans know what they want, and that is to be able to transform into their favorite superheroes, The Big Bad Beetleborgs. The three friends, with their new powers and a little help from Flabber, must stop them. Baron Von Frankenbeans’ latest creation, a mutant plant, is sought by Mega-Nukus’ forces. Josh accompanied the Beetleborgs in the final battle against Shadowborg, where he transformed for the final time.

Wolfgang is given a large blue fanged pet for his birthday. The Beetleborgs destroy Borgslayer, and by doing so Vexor and his crew are sucked back into the comic book, leaving Nukus to threaten the Beetleborgs.