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Meera asked her brother to arrange a meeting with Ilyas to find out what was going on. Clearly she gets a kick from being the one who comes to the rescue of the men of the household. A great casting choice and performance. Today , we are brave enough to address sensitive issues that were previously considered a no-go area. Hassan tries to convince Mehrbano to look to the future and focus on her recovery. After Mujhay Kuch kehna Hai and Bheegi Palkein I think people should realize a lavish budget and a huge star cast is not the only formula for success. Tags Bheegi Palkein review , Dillagi drama review , mann mayal episode 13 review , mann mayal review , Udaari review. With good reason, woman!

In case anyone was in any doubt as to the absolute goodness of Mehr Bano the script writers keeps reminding us at two minute intervals because her purity and goodness is essential to her later mazloominess. Meanwhile, rather than make pies in the sky, Mira felt it better to keep her focus on local singing opportunities, to ensure that the family was not left to starve. The filmi driving across the city in search of our missing heroine by our hero hiralal , was put to an end when unka piya apnay ghar aya. Big with a capital B! As he fails in his advances towards Meera , he finds a way to play his dangerous game with the younger of the two victims. Udaari continues taking strong strides towards reaching its goal — by driving its disturbing and yet highly relevant message home to the audience.

Sometimes beauty is a curse…. Salahuddin sends presents to celebrate the new birth through his sister and Manu rejects all the gifts. Then the characterisationsare realistic and the reactions to each situation make sense. I will once again praise Gohar Rasheed whose casual indifference in the face of all emotional ties is spot paliein. What a night it turned out to be! You are commenting using your WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

While all characters well played well I think all the fans will miss seeing Taimoor!! In case anyone was in any doubt as to the absolute goodness of Mehr Bano the script writers keeps reminding us at two minute intervals because her gheegi and goodness is essential to her later mazloominess. Enjoy the Drama on WordPress. Will continue my usual Mann Mayal reviews next week — apologies for the delay. The acting and script of Udaari is fantastic. Meanwhile Saba Hameed again emerged in one of my favourite scenes from this episode.


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Yes Dr Raza was pallein set to do the nikah but Hasan remained hot on his trail as they went round and round in this journey to get the girl. Clearly Sheeda has the wisdom acquired through years of experience and knows that his love will disappear like a puff of smoke when his mother gives him a good telling off.

The naik parveen Mehrbano even helps put the stuff in the car and Hassan gives her a piece of his mind afterwards. The character of Meekail is flawed, but the acting of Gohar Rasheed certainly is not.

Dillagi Episode 6 on Ary Digital. The writer Farhat Ishtiaq has been able to point out that children with their innocent view of the world appear to have a better understanding of genuine love, as compared to their elders who are often blinded by prejudices. Faryal Mehmood performed the various shades of her character from mindless manipulation to total insanity with aplomb.


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But focusing on the positives- the biggest one continues to be Faysal Qureshi. Having said that the last four or five episodes the script has been goodI especially loved Mehr Bano finally breaking her goody goody silence. Let us know your thoughts and comments below.

palkeein She probably continued staying with them for old times sake! The rest of the episode dealt with the teething issues of Sheeda and Mira as they adjusted to their new and lavish surroundings where the bathrooms were big enough to be rooms and the food was enough to feed an army. The first type are the goody two shoes of this world, paloein are almost blind to logic. That is the reason that most people including myself continue to watch this drama week after week.

She confessed her failings in front of her mother, finally realizing that Sheeda was her only savior. D by the mother-in-law? Thereafter he politely refuses to take Fari on as a patient and suggests that they go elsewhere; he mentions that Fari may be ailing from acute guilt. Initially Fari just seems spoiled and immaturebut the audience slowly realises that there is something seriously wrong with this woman.


It helps that he is well supported by Mehwish Hayat who is a vision every time she is on screen and the chemistry between them is enough to deal with the load shedding problem courtesy of his sidekick Dastageer cutting the electric supply.

As always Imran Abbas looked amazing and acted tremendously and Muneeb didn’t disappoint. It is the best drama on TV these days, hands down. View all posts by Sadaf. Episode 3 saw the wedding preparations of Sajida in full swing. A visit to the dargha is recommended by the servant to lift her spirits and bring her peace. Drama ReviewsFeaturedUncategorized.

Ushna Shah looks very paloein in some scenes and her make up is natural and brings out the best in her. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Where men like Bari and Meekail are usually upto no good. It has become too good especially after episode 8. Innocence is after-all priceless. I whizzed through the first five episodes of this drama last week and believe me, they were absolutely top notch!

Did I miss something- Hassan seemed okay with Fariha in the previous episode and then out of the blue, he confronts her in this episode. Palkeln women suffer in every role of life sometimes.

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The ending of this episode was top notch with Mishal bursting the bubble of misunderstanding and the two parallel love stories gaining momentum Episode 11 was a joyride all the way to Sehwan Sharif.

Manu walked the street, with her bachas in tow and realized that she was penniless. That in itself is a breath crama fresh air.

I am back with two weeks of drama gupshup and without further ado, I will get straight to the point and start on what we have been through in our drama journey ….