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Gemma confronts Arg about a scandalous rumour. Sage even dredged up Nate’s old Gossip Girl research so that the show could have a reason to unmask the mystery blogger in next week’s finale. Diags has rallied the troops and organised a trip to Newcastle. The series finale airs as part of a two-hour event starting at 8 p. Views Read Edit View history. A 2,year-old biblical treasure Ancient treasures once hidden in Franciscan archives are now on full display Travel. Sam’s dinner party turns awkward when Arg brings Jasmin along as his date.

What happened in Vegas? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Recommended Most Watched Latest. Floriane is able to walk using an exoskeleton that detects how she wants to move. Botswana’s dead elephants Africa. Four more single lads descend in the love lift in a bid to impress the 30 ladies. Bobby agonises over what to do when he learns of Lockie’s alleged cheating.

It played like “Days of Our Lives” meets “Double Indemnity” meets “The Lion King,” with the most tone-deaf score I’ve ever heard, but it also involved fisticuffs and Bart falling to his death, so it wasn’t all bad just mostly bad — like 99 percent bad. For the article about workplace rumours, see Office gossip.

Bobby and Danni have a row and Arg plays his biggest gig yet. Danni shocks Lockie with a demanding relationship pre-nup. Arg enlists the services of Charlie and Bobby for his St Patrick’s night party. Four more single lads descend in the love lift in a bid to impress the 30 ladies. Grace confronts Fran about her behaviour and spills the beans on a rumour of her own.

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Paddy McGuinness presents the dating show where he tries to find 30 single girls a date and hopefully in the process the man of their dreams. Are brands being offensive on purpose? Nate’s bag of tricks exhaustively includes being pretty, getting high eoisode making terrible romantic decisions.


Arg bumps into Jamie – but how will he react? Eleana Re gives a very personal insight into what’s it like to be autistic. Debbie makes her feelings known seqson Tom K. Yaz and Lockie go on journeys of self-discovery in a bid to help their relationship.

Arg and Gemma have an awkward chat. Both of these relationships, especially Jo and Rod’s, become the subject bgcgosssip gossip in the office, often led by Cheryl. The crowds are out for Joey’s shop opening. The snow patrol drones saving skiers from an icy death Business. But despite our reservations, I think we’d all like to see the show bgcgossjp out on a high note, if such a thing is possible, and “The Revengers” utilized a lot of what has made “Gossip Girl” successful in the past — group scheming, double, nay, triple crossing galore, and a villain getting their long-awaited comeuppance.

‘Gossip Girl’ Season 6, Episode 9 Recap: Bassing Away In ‘The Revengers’

Office Gossipdespite having a good cast and prime time slot of Friday bgcgossio 9pm on BBC Onedid not receive positive reviews and was pulled after only one series. With the pretty boy effectively neutralized, Bart then launched a campaign of terror against the other love of Chuck’s life: Arg and Tom fall out. Part soap opera, part reality show, TOWIE follows bgcglssip lives, loves and scandals of a group of real-life Essex guys and girls. Because love conquers all!

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Hoping for a date are an Irish dancer, a diamond consultant and an ice hockey player. Gemma confronts Arg about a scandalous rumour. At the 80s roller disco, Joey has an exciting secret to share with Billie. Eplsode falls out with everyone and is forced to confront her anger issues. There’s a surprise arrival at the Essex End of Summer Gala, but who is this mystery guest?

Mick and Debbie host a glam Essex sports day and romance is on the cards for Lauren G. Mario and Little Chris, and Chloe and Sam face up to their respective unfinished business.

The Only Way is Essex

Leah walks down the aisle in Spain, accompanied by a loved-up Chloe and Elliott. Mario and Chloe’s secret relationship has everyone talking. Lewis licks his wounds following his boxing match defeat against Elliot. Red carpet glamour In Pictures. The Wrights are still reeling from the big bust-up at Leah’s wedding.

Joey celebrates his birthday with an 80s-themed party. Watch the latest series from the producer of Planet Earth II now. Lucy lays her cards episose the table and Mario seeks some advice from his brother-in-law.

Courtney is working on her revenge body. It’s in syndication twenty times a day, Dan, you have no excuse.

In the explosive first episode, Lucy and Mario’s relationship woes continue. Persimmon’s shares drop sharply after its participation in the house buying scheme comes under