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Burst Burst Evolution Burst Turbo. Nelvana , SynergySP , d-rights. The Cyborg Warriors transform the energy released from the sanctuaries into small objects called Tokens. When power spots containing high levels of energy called “Sanctuaries” were identified, and mysterious vehicle shaped items called “Beyraiderz” were found along with the Sanctuaries. Back to Beyblade Anime and Manga. Event though Leon finally gains control of his temper, the melting of the ice field gets Leone stuck and brings Jake the victory. Cyborg , though as of the series remains unreleased in North America.

Disgusted with his power-crazed personality Team Estrella turns from him. One type is a Crash Battle. In the end David sacrifices his younger brother’s bey in order to win the match, leaving the audience in shock and his brother heartbroken. Odin realizes what a real battle is – a competition that pushes both Wheelers to their limits. Sho walks over to Odin and offers his hand out for a hand shake. It is revealed that all three are members of Team Estrella, and that their team has dominated the world championship for the last few years. When the contest begins Marche and Nicole struggle against the power of Pegasus and Drago but then they begin to cooperate and create trouble for Sho and Jin. While Sho considers them great wheelers, Jin is not impressed with the concept of Beywheelz races.

Luckily, Team Estrella arrives and battles the Dominators. Watch episodes first, then both specials, then I’ll try to have another episode cyborrg tonight and 2 tomorrow.

The winner of Judgement Bey is Team Estrella with 3 matches won. Cyborg — Elegant Yokai Apartment Beywarriore While this is happening, a mysterious gang called the Dominators attacks the kids, threatening to destroy their beys. The mysterious leader of the Dominators promised him to fill the emptiness in his heart, which is why Odin ultimately ended up joining the team. While Leon rescues his teammates in the basement, Jin overcomes this new challenge and wins the match, taking away heavy burns.


The series initially debuted on K2 on October 18, in Italy where the show’s first 14 episodes ran before being abruptly pulled from the schedule. I’m only doing 1 episode a day, Monday-Friday. These two mysterious battlers have the ability to give power to a warrior to summon another warrior in a battle and beywarriorrs the power to take away tokens directly from the symbols carved on the chest of the bey warriors.

The battle of the Dominators and Team Estrella begins. Wrong thread to post this in. Who are these mysterious warriors?

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Covey then decides to battle Jake for cybrog honor of his comrades, while forcing Leon to be somewhat of a judge. This causes Ryan to battle himself.

Who will win the battles now? An innocent conversation between the older and newer members of Team Estrella reveals the reason Leon is the only one to never have won a World Championship. In conjunction with the channel’s then upcoming broadcast of Beyblade BurstDisney XD in the United States acquired the catalog rights to the entire Beyblade franchise in late Anime and Manga portal.

Views Read Edit View history. I’ll have them all within a week or two. Jake tries to continue to destroy Bull, but is stopped by Leon’s Wheel, Leone.

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Hereby, Estrella wins the first match. Beyraiderz can synchronize with the youths under the age of 17 living in Teslandia, and summon the Cyborg creatures known as “Warrior. All of Judgement Bey was nothing but an experiment to figure out whether ‘natural’ Wheelers who learned battling out on the streets or ‘artificial’, specifically trained Wheelers were superior.


The match is now quickly decided and results in an explosion of the room. Sting has the advantage and the battle seems to be one sided. You have a launcher and a Beywheelz to fight and race other people.

Unable to accept such a reign of terror, Team Estrella opposes the Dominators and ends up fighting them in the Judgement Bey tournament, which is to decide the fate of the world they live in, as well as the fate of an unknown, undiscovered one. After Jin beywarroors against Glen, who now gets punished alike to Sting earlier, the final battle of Sho Tenma and Odin has arrived.

Ryan tries to set Odin and Sho against each other for another fight, but Odin turns on him and decides to side with Team Estrella. Together Sho and Jin ask them to join Team Estrella which they gladly accept.

Cybort Odin suffers a quick defeat, Sho and Ryan begin the final match. I just need to add in the chapter markers, reencode to smaller filesize. Cyborg — Elegant Yokai Apartment Life They must get the most tokens possible.

The outcome does not matter, however, as Ryan had all along been planning to make the winners his henchmen. The Cyborg Warriors transform the energy released from the sanctuaries into small objects called Tokens. In the time left until then, Covey mourns over the gym and shares the story of his past with Leon.

BeyWheelz Series key visual. In the anime series there are three types of battling.