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ENB Series is a mod that gives the visuals a hazy softening effect. For nighttime I made the shadows slightly darker to adjust for FS usually too bright night. Using this I was able to create lighting adjustments for different screen brightnesses. Posted January 27, Posted February 5, I’m seeing the same date modified as the ones used in Tim’s BlueSphere and Natural mods, so it’s not likely there is a difference from that. Be careful, I might hire you!!

In the screenshots below I am using Shade 1. Sign In Sign Up. Posted January 23, Heavenly Beyond Wave Animation: OK, going to run it t’night, doing some texture setups anyway, so I can compare. Did you miss your activation email? Great Job, Definitly going to utilize this one, Thanks a lot for sharing. Bringen Sie mir Fegelein!

Settings for the average PC enbseries. OK, the dll file that I have was modified in 4.

[RESOLVED] 24 Hour Enb – Download Included – General Discussion – REX Support Forums

Dawn this one adjusted to be darker than the next two, probably because the panel is out of view. Posted December 27, I think it is a bit to hazy too, but overall a winner for me. I am interested in what you guys think.

Posted December 30, This file works very nice, Bill. I replaced my current enb settings xeries mine look a little bit different than what your ur pictures are showing. Thanks so much Edds.

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FSX ENBSeries .dll And .ini file

File Library – What’s New. There are alot of numbers to change and time consuming However ask around here since Im sure many would help. Bringen Sie mir Fegelein! And what is “Bloom”? Apparently, he was expelled from the CP! I have tried this out using Dawn and Day and here are the results for you to see! By americanflyer82January 22, in General Discussion. The dark screen shadows are a little lighter and the blend covers a larger fs99 so the dynamic lighting ramps up a little more gradually.

Important Information Please use the Forgot Password button if you cannot log-in to your account. The midtones are a little bit brighter, and the highlights are significantly brighter. Donate to our annual general fund.

Fill in the information you require your assistance with. I hope its not too dark when placed together with Shade! Here is the fuselage of the carcasses, I poured straight blue and green ebbMonique Samsung This file works very nice, Bill. Screenshots – Night images appear darker than seriies are when viewed in your browser as your eyes can’t adjust to the dark areas when surrounded by the brighter screen space. Posted February 5, I’m seeing the same date modified as the bext used in Tim’s BlueSphere and Natural mods, so it’s not likely there is a difference from that.

Freeware – Free version, Unlimited Distribution. Options are really good! I thought the dawn,day,and evening were vivid and dynamic at the same time but you don’t get the full effect till night. Looking good, going to try this palette for sure! Spirit of Blue Sunset: Mine is set to -1 because I like less saturated sfries. I have been working on my own ENB configuration and palette to create a balance for the 24 hour cycle.


How pilots learning to fly with pasengers on board! The brighter sunlight makes pretty intense highlights on the clouds. I repackaged the zip files to include the DLL.

Posted February 4, In the screenshots below I am using Shade 1. Try these settings, but they are not for the weak PK. And for ifr is IMHO not it: Sorry for the stupidity. Put the effect, go to these things, increase the resolution.

Tell me, what is the difference from what comes with the HDE v. When the screen is darkest it is at the top of the palette, when brightest it is at the bottom.

Posted December 30, Love the look with this enb, however would like to at least less the “grayish” look just a tad. You moved the both files enbseries and d3d9.