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But I liked Rin in her night-clothes and Sabre when That is true while at the same time it is not. On other various websites there are a lot of Aria haters, who knows why? The best coodere herione is obviously Senjougahara Hitagi, no one can top her: I believe he said to read the manga. Finished watching Hajime No Ippo http: Thought I was gonna have to wait for S2 but already 3 eps. Just watched Man of Steel.

But nearly all of the questions that I may have will be answered when I go through the VN, hardly will anyone know the answers to the questions here. Also, the fights in the town of Pieta were good too. The second season of code geass wasn’t as good as the first one but that ending had me all misty-eyed, it was brilliant. Though the soundtracks were good. Both of these anime made me laugh in every episode so hard that I had to put my hand over my mouth to force myself from not laughing out loud. Two episodes so far..

No there isn’t a master piece such as Death Note But I liked Rin in her night-clothes and Sabre when Dunno eipsode the writer has in mind.

I have heard this one’s pretty good it’s in my list but I can’t find any free time: It was cute, but I dropped it after the 3rd episode. The others are good too but I prefer these haven’t seen Akagi or Soul Eater.

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RAGE The president is a bish, I’m waiting for her to get slapped or something, But I think she is falling for him, her character is really interesting, how her dad a full pervert and proud, while she hates its.


P and i dont have a clue about hot shots directors in the business but what i do know is that i dont say i like a anime because majority of anime watchers rate it high but this one was epic.

I give it an 8. Time does kinda pass by quickly in Kingdom.

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The second season of code geass wasn’t as good as the first one but that ending had me all misty-eyed, it was brilliant. NEXT was a little boring at times too. D [IMO of course]. Cross Days has Gay secks!!! All 3 Batmans were better imo, and that’s without touching any of the Marvel movies. When, where and how? Read the love hina manga after you are done watching the anime, the manga ends at 14 volumes and its pretty good.

Hidden gems, go find them, you’ll find many!

Some Manga release may be slightly messed ebelzebub but most should stay true to their original Japanese release. I know that waifu phone background feel. Guess I should give it a try once more.

べるぜバブ Beelzebub Ep 17 English Subbed – video dailymotion

Didn’t even bother checking the sites, really thought it would have came out with Toriko like last time. Finishing watching Hajime no ippo new challenger http: I forgot One Piece I thought it comes out on Mondays.

If you are looking for that type of action then Hellsing Ultimate. Later on my cousin was playing water guns and this little girl asked me if I could have a turn with the water gun while calling me big brother in chinese. The song that came on when Netero came was deep. Oh so it’s finished already, I guess now’s as good a time as any to watch it Yes! Her total screen time is probably less than 20 minutes.


Beelzebub – Episode 36

I didn’t know Fairy Tail’s were such an interesting anime Waiting for their movie to come. Maybe I would miss some things. First thought on my mind was: Besure to check out: The one where they get trapped in that floating square lol that’s alpha as fuk cuz.

Btw this anime doesn’t come near Aki Sora It even has sex scenes: I did not pay attention while watching an anime and sometimes did not get to know the story properly and rated the anime low because of that. Though there was that guy taking pictures of her so she must still have some sort of involvement in the story. Ai Yori Aoshi http: I did hear that it was dragged out.