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It was watched for the main reason being that it had a unique, funny storyline. This is one of the best shows in Phil TV. We all love the show so much and we want it to stay on forever! Maria , her older sister, Cristina Rose, and Cristina’s son, Cho, are introduced as tour guides in their hometown of San Nicolas, with their mother running a souvenir shop. No one else can ever take their place as Sir Chief and Maya. Sana maibalik nila sa dati, even if not as good atleast back on track. BCWMH, we love you!

These are clearly other reasons why the show should stay on…. Making his wife happy entailed reaching out to her family and falling in love with them in the process, and Richard has. So happy to know that you took the time to read this even with your very busy schedule. I enjoyed our exchanges with RR and Alas then. Kute notices this time. The Singing Bee and the re-run of hit Japanese anime series Princess Sarah was pre-empted to give way for the one-hour finale, airing from

They are goung to have a hard time to come up a next show na will get same attention to the viewers.

But she does, for the love of Abby. Dapat focus Lang sa pagbubuntis niya si Maya. I have been praying for less fillers since last December as I have seen more than enough fillers during the Christmas and New Year episodes of the show…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Three weeks ago, I was among those who was a bit adamant about having Maya go home to San Nicolas in all her pregnant glory, afraid that another pregnancy problem might arise all over again.


Once, Richard hurt his hand in his house and we all saw how Maya came to his rescue, as well! This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat Then I fell in love with all the actors who played their parts so well— they have become the characters they portray.

BCWMH: Sir Chief Embraces Maya’s World

Does he and Eds still stand a chance? In another instance, when Abby shakes the ladder Maya is standing on, we see Richard rush to her to keep her from falling. Their experimental and unlikely tandem gained so much popularity that what was supposed to be a one season show began to extend and even had mall tours and out of the country trips.

Before long, the story of Maya and Sir Chief was no longer just a story for me. There wll be magic in it and you to believe in magic before it happens, right? They deserve to star in a movie, of course. So true, addict nga ulit ako sa mga past episode nila eh.

To find out more, eoisode how to control cookies, see here: Upon arrival in Manila, Maya discovers that the woman who had offered work overseas had swindled her. Maya is stuck in Manila with no money or place to go. Kusina Master which got 8. What a lovely surprise Richard gave his sweetheart! They are crazy in love towards each other and they love each other………real amazing drama k dramas eep it up…! Be Careful with My Heart is extended.


Jen May 14, at 5: And then they all dance to cap the night. Gelly March 16, at Their loveteam would definitely make a killing at the box office, no doubt about that! Cristina Rose hopes to work at sea, while Maya dreams of becoming a flight stewardess.

BCWMH: Sir Chief Embraces Maya’s World | My BCWMH Addiction ~ iamgarie

Like you, I enjoy watching episodw episodes over and over again! I would rather see worthwhile fillers about the bagets and the funny comedians of our story to give the main characters a break rather than seeing this show end.

With the presence of Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda, Richard and Maya are somehow reassured that their kids are in very capable hands. Fulll is, I still want to see our most beloved show eventually end not any time soon, of course!

So happy to know that you took the time to read this even with your very busy schedule.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here At this time, I think it would be very difficult for any other show to duplicate, fulo, surpass the success of BCWMH! Iamgarie I agree with all your observations about the show.