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Meanwhile, someone gives a parcel to Sohum to give it to Nirvail. Parmeet tells Bani that she has to handle the situation and Bani proceeds to do so. But, before Bani could reach the roof Rajji goes and tells Amrit to reject the proposal. Buaji is boggled and tensed. Bani tells Parmeet that he purposely has not got liquor for her, as he wants her to suffer. Later, Balbir apologizes to Bani’s parents and asks them to forgive him. Then she goes and discusses about her agreement on the marriage with Rajji. She tells them that she is happy at Sohum’s house.

On the other hand, Ramon tries to create differences between Rajji and Simran but her plan backfires. Gurbani’s mother feels upset about Nirvail’s failure in Canada. Watch the episode and find out how the story unfolds. Khatron Ke Khiladi S Parmeet laughs at her delusion and says her place is outside and she can rot there for all he cares. After getting dressed as Bani, she thinks that what she is doing is not correct as she is going against her own family. Gagan asks whats the enemity. Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki S

Soham thinks how long his wife suffered after their marriage. We do not support playback on this browser, requesting you to please update your browser aygust the latest version. Like 0 Dislike 0. Meanwhile, the contract killer calls up Parmeet and demands for more money. He says that he still wants her to rest, as she isnt fine yet.

Sohum bandages Bani’s toe as she hurts herself falling off a stool.

Parmeet follows Rajji to find out as to what she knows about his link to Bani’s murder. Hearing this, Bani tells her not to complain about such a loving husband but to appreciate him. Will Bani and Parmeet’s ways cross again? She instantly gives it to Sohum. Biji then tells Rajji that Sohum is a good person and will take care of her. Jia comes and he apologises that he came so late. Sohum stops Bani and asks her about her worry. Buaji grants Rajji another chance. Rajji feels bad because of Sohum’s absence during her Karva Chauth fast.


On the other hand, Rajji’s family members are worried about her. Doctor Varsha comes down with the test reports of Rajji, declaring that someone had mixed sleeping pills in her juice.

On the other hand, Anuradhji asks Maya to become Bani once again and fight for her rights.

Soham asks Bani to consummate their marriage leaving her shaken in Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Buaji says that he cant do this. Meanwhile, Sarab and Nirvail comes to Sohum’s house to take Rajji away from there. Later, Rajji tells her why she convinced the prospect not writyen marry Bani.

The granny asks bani as to why is she still here, and eipsode she doesnt feel like going there. Rajji gets shocked to see Simran behaving so well with her.

Bani explains the reason for her leaving the house. She asks each and every person if they have seen her.

At home, Soham shouts at Rajji for not taking proper care of herself. Next morning, Parmeet’s elder brother arrives at Bani’s house. On the other hand, Gagandeep and Randeep return back and speak about the party in Mumbai. Keerat comes to Soham’s house, and tells Dolly that the bride’s family has agreed to accept him as their son-in-law.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. Rajji wakes up and attends the call. She tells him to give the phone to Rajji. Meanwhile, Sohum tells Guggi that he loves Bani, but cannot go against his elder brother. He oalma him about the sourness in the relation between two families. On the other hand, Bani tells Rajji that the main reason for Gagan having announced this party is to humiliate her.


On the other hand, Parmeet’s mother asks Rwitten about Parmeet and Bani. But, before Bani could reach the roof Rajji goes and tells Amrit to reject the proposal. Door loses and Bani looks at it with an expression. Soham isyq Rajji leave after wishing Simran all the best for her pregnancy. On the other hand, Gagandeep is very upset on seeing Bani alive as her chances of swindling Parmeet’s share in the property have been lost.

Next morning, Parmeet again comes back and spews poison on Bani’s character, insulting and humiliating Bani. Seeing her, Rajji jumps into river to save her but unfortunately she fails.

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Amrit’s mother request that if they could leave Amrit and Bani alone episodr some alone time. But the inspectortells about his fight with randip. Meanwhile, Bani reaches Sohum’s house to apologize to him. Surjeet asks her to calm down.