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Rajji helps Bani and Anuradha. Buaji and others are relieved while rjji is tensed, how to say the next part. He tries to get parmeet to understand, without telling his real motive. He thinks it’s Bani and grabs her. She goes inside, asking rajji to wait for a minute. She meets Anuradha again who is later revealed to be Parmeet’s real mother. Khatron Ke Khiladi 9.

She vows to make Parmeet pay. Soon, Bani and Rajji expose Parmeet and he is thrown out of the house. Welcome, Login to your account. She comes inside and eyes the huge mansion. Bani is declared dead and the whole family is heartbroken. This page was last edited on 3 January , at Raaj Shetty Damini Kanwal Shetty.

With teary eyes, he thanks her profusely for doing this for him. Thus, Bani gets married to Parmeet, as planned, while Soham unknowingly marries Rajji instead of his true love. Raaj Shetty Damini Kanwal Shetty. He leaves, while rajji goes to tend to bani. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bani ishq da kalma 22nd october Watch Online Full Episode Bani ishq da kalma 22nd october full hd episode Bani ishq da kalma 22nd october N2d comes and reprimands her for having gone mad, that she forgot this house, having stepped in tht, and that she wants to go, where her husband doesnt want to.


Parmeet signs the property papers and hands them over to Maya.

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Parmeet works very hard to organize the party. Coming to know that Rajji has fainted, Bani rushes to her without informing Parmeet.

He tries to look for soham, when she tells him that she is alone and soham hasnt come. Buaji asks how could she say this to them. Eventually, Bani realizes that her husband has abandoned her, but she is determined to get her rights as a wife.

But Rajji, who has been trying hard to make her marriage work, begs Bani not to take Sohum along.

She vows to make Parmeet pay. On the day of the double wedding, there is a great deal of confusion. First, it seems that Parmeet, who works in Canada, will not turn up for the wedding.

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Colosceum Media Private Limited Mystic: But, luckily, she is rescued in time by a social worker, a lady named Anuradha, whose home becomes a refuge for Bani. Rajji literally goes crazy seeing Soham, in the Programs currently broadcast by Colors. Heart touching song Video name: They are very upset, but Sohum’s brother Angad suggest that they should give Rajji a chance.

Simran tells rajji that they would do whatever she tells them to do. On the other hand, Parmeet questions Balbir about his motive to take Bani back into Rajji finds out Bani is indeed alive but Bani tells her everything about Parmeet was the cause of the boat incident.


As time passes by Bani falls in love with Parmeet as he really loves her and wins her back. Rajji comes and meets Bani, and they both discuss their next plan of action to be followed. Retrieved 15 July She says that she told him that soham wont come there.

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On the wedding day, Bani discovers that Meet is actually her husband Parmeet, who plans to marry Anuradha’s daughter for money. A password will be e-mailed to you. Last updated Jan 2, In Delhi, episoce falls into the trap of some criminals who want to use her in the flesh trade. Then, it is revealed that Parmeet had only married Bani so that he could legally claim some ancestral property and sell it in order to make money.