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Prem quite obviously doesn’t want to get involved, but Ratan is very insistent. And it is a test of a wife’s faith and future. Trivia The Model by Kraftwerk plays during a party scene. Bandhan Kuchchey Dhaagon Ka lit. And indeed, the weekend idyll is interrupted by the arrival of Prakash Dutt Prem Chopra who has a letter for Prem. This joyful news inspires a bout of dangerous driving on Prem’s part which sends some fluffy chickens flying. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Full Cast and Crew.

Sneh brought up their son on her own, but she now wants him to get to know his father. It is here that Prem will be confronted by Bhavna on one hand, his children on the other, and a blackmailer who wants a huge sum of money to keep the truth about Sneh and Prem’s affair from Bhavna and the children. So, what will Prakash come up with next? His and hers matching remorse: What are they cooking? Ratanpal Singh Raza Murad Posted by antarra at Yay for mature romance!

How did he not spot the giant picture in the back before?

And non-judgmental treatment of infidelity! Gratuitous Shashi-pictures rather a lot of them, I am afraid: One Sunday, he gets a visitor by the name of Prakash Banehan, The next day is Saturday, and we learn that Saturday is reserved as a special day for husband and wife: He now decides that blackmailing Prem may be the way forward.

This is the moment of supreme sacrifice, the moment of the greatest offering of love which a woman heart is capable.


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Oh, and you might want a look at Sneh, too: I haven’t seen Gadar, so I don’t know how it compares. However, Prem doesn’t receive visitors on Sundays, and neither does he deal fukl any kind of business, so he asks his wife to read the letter to him. This helpless situation brings Prem to face with his duty and responsibility to Sneh. One day, Prem receives a phonecall from his friend and requisite comic relief person Ratan Deven Vermawho is bandhhan to court in an attempt to evict his tenant and her numerous noisy children.

Flul, but for how long? He may be here to spread tidings of gladness and joy; but then again: I have been watching lots of movies but wasn’t particularly inspired to write about any of them, apart from one, whose subtitled version promptly is stuck somewhere in the mail, and while I am still trying to find the courage to write up Clerk, I came across this 80s-movie starring Shashi Kapoor, and here I am again.

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Sneh brought up their son on her own, but she now wants him to get to know his father. This is not the place to kuhcchey for a review of the latest movie to hit the cinemas. The songs are okay and there is a lot of peculiar fashion on show.

The energetic dancing is interrupted by a fkll downpour which also results in emphasising some of Sneh’s natural assets with not entirely unpredictable consequences.


Ratanpal Singh Raza Murad That’s a very scenic place you have choosen to be remorseful in: Hmm, this is all very sweet but it can’t end well: Raakhee Shashi Kapoor Zeenat Aman.

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They are not happy bunnies at that point. And I didn’t even mention the ukchchey. Will Bhavna ever find out who Bittu is? Audible Download Audio Books.

Advoate Thakur Yunus Parvez The only person not happy about this development is Prakash, who had designs on Sneh’s wealth after her death. He has in fact three, and not as he previously believed two children.

And indeed, the weekend idyll is interrupted by the arrival of Prakash Dutt Prem Chopra who has a letter for Prem. That evening, Sneh phones up Bhavna to let her know that her husband has arrived safe and sound, and the two take to each other.

Prem departs for Bombay, meets with Sneh and finds out that he is the father of a seven-year-old boy, Bittu, who is Sneh’s son, as a result of intimacy shared between them over seven years ago.

Start With a Classic Cult. Prem Kapoor is a businessman who lives in a small town with his wife, Bhavna, who is a Judge, and two children, Sunil and Babli. Do I detect a hint of symbolism?