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Things are heating up on Gundalia -so don’t miss out! But, why are those kids going in that direction? Reptec and I will meet up with you soon. I can imagine a quetzel and asian lung themed dragon, but I want to have some variety here. Actually, if you hand over the dragonoid he points to Nexus , then things won’t get messy. What are you thinking? Check out this awesome Team Vexos Bakugan Toys for less!

Spartus generates another blade in his right hand, however it is longer and more pointed than the last. Mobile assaults are all larger sized in dimension, and Impalaton is about three inches in diameter when closed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I overheard your conversation, Shien is it? While on the Earth the Brawlers are still there, however it will be up to a new group of brawlers to take control of the situation. So, he would count as an adult asking for autographs and various other questions.

Fusion Dragonoid and Infinity Helios Tribute

Nexus extends his right arm to the side and episose blade extended from his wrist above his hand and took a guard stance then deflected Spartus’ blow and countered. You know about that? Destiny, that you become my partner. Nexus pops open and hovers to be at eye level with June. Unless, you don’t give me the Pyrus core sphere! After Nexus changes to his other form he leaps in a blitz of flames at Spartus and pushes him. And shouldn’t you whisper?


He took a moment to study it. June- Something is calling out to me. Gunz- June, where did you get that bakugan? Aerogan backs off, not looking away. Bakugan brawl, bakugan stand.

Gunz- Actually, Aerogan go see what’s up with those two and the red glow. Nexus was surrounded epidode a red aura, although the the gash flared and the dragon cried out in pain. Aerogan- Bull’s eye that made its mark.

Bakugan: True Evil

Nexus returns to ball form and June catches him. He then released a beam outline in red that took the form of a double winged dragon. Blog Stats 80, views total. Burn it up, Pyrus Nexus Dragonoid! So anyone who wants can create one with the following exceptions: June- Neo Saber Spartus: Priam- Pyre Scutum Nexus: June- Then how about: Using the blade the gladiator slashed at the beam gakugan then leaped up and slashed at Nexus.

Nexus- Why are you doing this? What he doesn’t know is his long trusted companion, Kazarina has been spying on his activities all this time and when things got out of control, there is no way out for Nurzak!


The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But will later decide for himself to get involved or more involved characters that come to mind: The dragon let out a roar and from his position opened his balugan.

He is pretty much the muscular goon, with little to no brain you would sometimes see in alliance with the big ger boss. Posted on April 4, by Krs But, why are those kids going in that direction? June- First, I e;isode you to hover onto this screen. There aren’t a whole lot like them. He was then shot up in the air and sent back to ball form.