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On this episode we talk about e sports and how it is becoming a bigger thing in the gaming community. In this episode the guys talk about the Marvel video game disappearance online, Star Wars comics going back to Marvel, and more. Thunderbirds reaches 12, subscribers on YouTube! We discuss brand new watched and played and go into some very exciting news that happened this week. Brand new watched and played and plenty of laughs along the way. Join us as we talk to one of the directors of rick and morty as we talk about all things geeky and the universe and we talk a lot about one piece. This episode you may just hear somebody crying on air.

We are back with a brand new episode of geek and plenty to talk about. Finding the right book for young Wizards. At the very end of the episode after the song the guys talk about the. All new Comic Corner and fresh discussions on the new comics of the week. Some kind of Suicide Squad????? Movie War Full Throttle. This week we bring back the glorious otaku spot and discuss last weeks episode of Dragonball super.

What will you do? Sit back and listen as we talk about some games and pop culture. Rangres we get to talking about otakon and give you all the details on our otakon adventure.

Big thanks to Karthik for allowing us to use his song Beware I Live for our theme. Brand new watched and played and we discuss Destiny 2. eisode

There might be a Pokemon discussion somewhere in this ep. Movie War Full Throttle. This time on Around The Geek.

Casting Call Club : Axer Rangers S (Doraemon/Axem Rangers X Spinoff)

This probably non-canon game offers a unique perspective that pays an incredible homage to what both Squaresoft and Nintendo are probably best known for.

In this episode the guys talk about the announcement of the upcoming batman game coming out, Sony changing the PS3 box art, Jack Tretton stepping down as CEO, man in prison for shipping guns in cases, Spider-Man Doc Ock era coming to an end. Join Terrell and warren as we explore all the secrets of the universe and unlock the answers the you have had questions about for years. This week we have fresh news as we go over the cw cross over event.


Super Smash Bros. Crusade – Dark Sonic VS Super Shadow |

Please take the time to rate us on itunes at htt. In this episode of ATG we spend time going over where exactly is Kung lun and what Nintendo is doing with tangers upcoming line up.

There’s so little to dislike here. Keep your ears open for more to come. The errors continue with episode 4!

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Microsoft Sam and the gang celebrate their favorite festive day of the year with lots of Christmas gifts, good cheer, and funny react Join us as we finally talk about persona 5 and give it the coverage that it deserves. Trigger Happy Havoc Episode Final Fantasy X Episode 3: We do not do any of this but this is still a great episode.

Grab a drink and have a listen. Fresh news this week where we talk about the collectors edition of dark souls 3, Nintendo mobile games and more. This weeks Comic Corner is episore new. Child of Light Episode Squaresoft nailed the RPG elements, making it accessible to first timers while rewarding those who’d grown up playing the genre, but there’s so much for Mario fans to revel in too!

This episdoe the guys talk about the Netflix roulette feature, Amazon using Blu ray disc to archive data, how to stop Skynet from happening, Cortana can not be used by anyone under 13, PS4 update and more.


Finally the second episode of Toku geeks has arrived and we have a special guest for you, listen as we go into a little Kamen rider and discuss other shows and future projects.

Our question of the week is what games are you looking forward to in march? There is no comic corner this episode.

Join us as we sit down with the lovely Michelle Ruff at Otakon and have one of the most glorious interviews ever. This week we are talking about john wick 2 and how freaking awesome it is.

This week on around the geek the guys talk about post Ps4 firmware issues, super smash issues causing bans, CBS green lights a limitless TV show and more. Let us begin by returning to our computer and watching Microsoft Sam rage at h Stay tuned and listen for information on how to submit your list for the best of episode. Join in the slowest news week in history as we go on endless tangents about nothing and wind up actually talking about something.

Listen as we discuss the best of video games, moviesTV, comics, and more. That said, Blue Screen of Death Episode 16originally scheduled for a release on December 22, is being postponed to a later date in We go over the future with Nintendo with there current hit hybrid console the Nintendo switch and see what exactly is there plan going forward. I’m not so sure about this Christmas Eve Eve gift of ten lords a-leaping.

On this episode we talk about e sports and how it rngers becoming a bigger thing in the eppisode community.