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If for the East war is unhallowed, Is not war unhallowed for Western arms? Hangama Hai Kyun Barpa. But our fame and banner still remain. In his poetry, had numerous streams of his experiences of the ummah spread over fourteen hundred years. By the glance of the man who is a true believer even destiny is changed. Love be thanked for granting me the gown entire and untorn. What is a nation, or how to lead it?

It grants the ruby reddish hue, but denies the heat of spark. How it was decided? Jo wada Kiya Wo. Ghaar-o-Koh Prudence in our faith decrees war and power, In the faith of Jesus—a cave and mount. I am the breath of morn, Your face I would adorn. Tell me about the secret of man, Tell how dust is a peer of the stars. Jag Aapna Nahee Begana Hai..

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Yaron Dosti Badi Hi Dekh Awshiqana Sansaar Ki The passion of my voice is the only alchemy I know! Anonymous October 8, at 6: If my heart make quest. The miracle of art springs from the lifeblood of the artist! Mohammed Mahbboob Hussain Aazaad.

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The atmosphere in the school is so pleasant, But only in deserts are people like Faruq and Salman born. Who knows how many caravans have passed through this tract. My email address is jasbirsinghch gmail. Let us see what color, The nme sky changes into.


His eminence as a poet ills up consequently with a sense of national pride. Witness of enduring life is this unending toil and haste! And I—I too inhabit this abode of light; but why Is the star burned out that rules my destiny?

Zindagi Ek Safar 6. You are living dust, in sooth, not ruled by Moon or Mars.

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The “Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam” is bound to survive a germinal work which will colour the thinking of the entire generation of the present day Muslims. Though life is a mart without any lustre, What kind of bargain doth ofer some gain? Gave a tongue to the rose but withheld from it song. Kanchi Re Kanchi Re. But let there irst be hearts like theirs, To justify such dreams.

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The song of the bird of the garden has come from the branches; The spring has come; the beloved has come; peace has come! Love moie the heady wine, Love is the grand goblet. Do you remember those days? Nanha Munna Rahi Aashiiqana Dijo Gyan Hari Gun Gaau n. The East lives on through your words! Dil Apna Aur Prit. What else can be this life but zeal for endless strife? I had regard for the failure of the hunter, O friend Otherwise, why could I come over lying for one grain?


Flowers cannot hide themselves in the season of Spring. Through its modulations, the Ininite demonstrates the parameters of possibilities. It lie between Bhopali and Yaman. What is a nation, or how to lead it? In his poetry, had numerous streams of his experiences of the ummah spread over fourteen hundred years. For the moth was heat, for the firefly light made. What was it that erased the tyranny of Caesar and Cyrus? Such is the ancient doom of things. There are other places to sigh and cry axshiqana Naino Me Badara Chhaye.

Jyot Se Jyot Jagaate Chalo. Frail and evanescent, all miracles of maanzar, Transient, all temporal attainments; Ephemeral, all worldly accomplishments.

Without your ecstasy, there is no joy in the struggle.