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Meanwhile, Alexx gets the shock of her life when a supposed cadaver from a recent car accident wakes up in her morgue, suffering only from hypothermia. Un anestesista che lavorava in una clinica di chirurgia estetica viene trovato morto, impiccato nel suo appartamento. Offenbar war der Ofen des Krematoriumsbesitzers kaputt gegangen, und so hatte er sich entschlossen, die Leichen auf seinem Hof zu stapeln und so zu kompostieren. Als die Ballistikerin Calleigh Duquesne das Wrack noch einmal genauer untersucht, stellt sich heraus, dass der Pilot nicht erschossen wurde, sondern einer abgesprungenen Niete zum Opfer fiel. Wie sich herausstellt, wurden diese von Dennis Barron, dem Streifenpolizisten, der den Mord gemeldet hatte, entwendet und an ein Klatschmagazin verkauft. Las pistas indican que el fuego fue provocado para ocultar un asesinato. Estratto da ” https:

Elsewhere, Horatio and Eric attempt to solve the emotional case of an exploded vehicle, which was home to a mother with child. Des coups de feu retentissent lors d’un concert de rap. Horatio learns that the victim was an investigative aide working for Alcohol Beverage Control and was monitoring underage drinking. Dan Cofield war der Nachbar von Fred Rutter und hat ihm offensichtlich eine Lektion deswegen erteilt. Un paparazzo viene trovato morto nella sua auto in seguito a un incidente stradale. Horatio and Speedle investigate the slaying of a hooker who is found dead under a bed in a plush beachside cottage, her naked body having been stabbed 23 times.

El equipo investiga el caso de una mujer que ha aparecido muerta en un aparcamiento tras haber sido secuestrada. The hooded man then blocks traplola booth door with David’s car and tries to freeze them to death, by filling the booth with cold water. Horatio investigates the murder of a model intentionally run down outside of a Miami hotel by a driver who fled the scene.

Eine junge Frau wurde ermordet.

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Horatio wird von seiner Vergangenheit eingeholt: Guest star della puntata l’attore Ian Somerhalder. Horatio finds that the lack of impact wounds on the victim’s knees suggest that he struck the car as opposed to ttama car striking him. The team investigates a modern-day piracy off the coast of Miami after six bodies are discovered floating in the ocean tied together by rope. Intanto Calleigh aiuta una donna vittima di abusi sessuali. Yelina begins dating Horatio’s nemesis — who is heading up the Internal Affairs inquiry.


Des coups de feu retentissent lors d’un concert de rap. A dead junkie is found on a Miami street with a broken neck and a wad of cash in his hand. A diamond broker carrying two million dollars in merchandise is murdered after his car is hit by another vehicle and he gets out to confront the driver.

Arm investigation leads Horatio to a prominent Florida family and its steely patriarch, who was once involved in a mysterious case that has plagued Horatio for years. Und mit dieser Vermutung hat er nicht Unrecht: Scoprono che un assalitore mascherato ha avvicinato la macchina a noleggio della coppia di turisti, ha sparato al marito uccidendolo, ma ha lasciato la moglie illesa, abbandonando poi la scena.

Untermauert werden Mackies Aussagen durch die Tatsache, dass die bei Tiffany gefundenen Bisswunden nicht zu seinem Gebiss passen. The body of a man involved in recovering fiml treasure is discovered pinned to the wall of his new cabin cruiser by a bloody spear fired from a speargun at close range.

Corey eventually dies of blood loss and hypothermia.

In dessen Rumpf finden die Ermittler eine weitere Kugel aus derselben Waffe. They also mortqle include a behind-the-scenes featurette and the trailer.

Le indagini portano Horatio ad una importante famiglia della Florida e al suo capofamiglia d’acciaio, che una volta fu coinvolto in un misterioso caso che ha tormentato Horatio per anni. Er kann den Mord also nicht begangen haben. Unterdessen sorgt sich das Team um Eric, der noch immer nicht aufgetaucht ist.

When the evidence leads to a suspect, governmental red tape puts an unexpected twist on the proceedings. Il viaggio termina bruscamente quando dei ladri prendono possesso del veicolo, uccidono il guidatore e sparano a Speedle, che stava facendo la scorta.

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Horatio cerca di far luce sull’assassinio di una top model, avvenuto all’esterno di un hotel di Miami: A murder investigation takes Horatio and the team into the world of speed dating. Across town, Delko and Speedle probe the bizarre death of a man who was apparently burned from the inside. The investigation leads Horatio to a group that helps Cuban refugees. Also, Calleigh discovers his answering machine audiotape on which he makes a threat against Ashley.


However, as the CSIs uncover the scattered remains of the post-storm evidence, it seems that these two cases may have a deadly connection. Trying to attract assistance, Emily then uses her lipstick to write “HELP” on the booth’s window, as the hooded figure tidies the scene outside.

ATM – Trappola mortale

Als sie ihn in seiner Wohnung festnehmen wollen, kann Penrod zwar fliehen, aber Horatio findet ein Flugticket, auf dem die Adresse seiner Mordopfer notiert ist. Rache ist damit das wahrscheinlichste Mordmotiv.

Un tirador comete diversos asesinatos en el centro de Miami. Meanwhile, Calleigh’s father seeks her help when he fears that he may have killed someone after a night of drinking, and Horatio assigns a new CSI, Ryan Wolfe, to the case. The victim’s watch is traced to her boyfriend, who tells the detectives that mortalf was a thrill seeker who was abducted during the course of an extreme kind of role-playing game.

In einem Fahrstuhlschacht wird ein Arbeitskollege von Jay tot aufgefunden. The film was released to video on demand services such as Comcast and Zune on March 6, Mortals searching the home, Horatio finds heroin in the son’s room and learns that he is secretly a drug dealer.

Now, as the evidence rejects Josh’s version of what happened, the CSIs find themselves entangled in the world of fast-paced journalism and learn that mortal is a dangerously qtm line between the truth and what sells newspapers. Un anestesista che lavorava in una clinica di chirurgia estetica viene trovato morto, impiccato nel suo appartamento.

Es ist Spring Break: He immediately fears that the murder was a decoy to set up an escape. Am Tatort werden sie jedoch nicht nur mit seiner Leiche, sondern gleich mit Dutzenden von Toten konfrontiert: Views Read Edit View history. Calleigh trova un nastro nella segreteria telefonica dell’uomo in cui sono yrama alcune sue minacce all’attrice. The original message triggering the “flash mob” is traced to a high school senior whose father is a high-powered defense attorney.