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Washizu returns Ibuki’s handkerchief to her via Yoichi. List of Samurai Harem: Yoichi, Kagome, Chihaya, and Ayame arrive at the Saginomiyas’ residence and cross the river surrounding the castle using a makeshift raft. Ibuki greets them all and assigns Yoichi to teach Washizu. Asu no Yoichi, Vol. Poly-Matrix Tenchi the Movie 2: Fly to the Fiery Summer Festival] in Japanese.

At that moment, the two brothers greet the group on surfboards, and they challenge Yoichi to fight. Archived from the original on Meanwhile, Tsubasa finds Washizu and carries him to a hospital. Ayame sees the two together and follows them with Chihaya and Kagome. The police arrest him for causing mayhem but release him afterwards. One brother releases a trained bird to attack the group, which targets the girls. When they refuse to leave, she orders her maids to shoot at them; Yoichi protects his group by blocking the bullets with his bokken. Ibuki greets them all and assigns Yoichi to teach Washizu.

Kagome falls into a cavern and breaks her fall by landing on Masashi. He later chases after a thief, causing mayhem in a shopping centre. Washizu buys Ibuki new clothes and plays with her. Plunging Into the Fire” Transcription: Washizu acts on his daydream; however, because he put the love letter into the wrong locker, it ends up in Yoichi’s hand.


Washizu returns Ibuki’s handkerchief to her via Yoichi. Later, Yoichi and Ibuki apologise to each other for their actions earlier in the day, to Ayame’s dismay. Ibuki instantly falls asleep, but Yoichi manages to resist the effects of the gas to an extent.

Ryo Washizu ridicules Yoichi’s samurai clothes in the city, but Yoichi easily defeats him. awu

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The Animation- No One is Alone Ibuki is meanwhile confronted by two men who criticise her for being with Yoichi. Elisode Rabbie Tenchi Muyo!

Yoichi follows him to the roof, where they fight each other. The Samurai Is Coming! He walks into a shop to buy a drink and sees Ayame choosing the same bottle, causing an argument.

Chihaya is having trouble finishing her manga in time. As Yoichi struggles to live in the city and starts going to school, he meets students of the Saginomiya clan, martial art rivals nno the Ikaruga family and their Ukiha Divine Wind Style Swordplay school of martial arts. He finds that the person he rushed off with is actually Tsubasa with a haunted house mask.

Yoichi and Ibuki fall into a hole after arriving at the entrance to a cave and are knocked unconscious. Yoichi and Ibuki volunteer to exorcise the ghosts and leave the inn. Ibuki feeds Washizu, and Ayame does the same with Yoichi. Yoichi Karasuma has spent 17 years learning the Ukiha Divine Wind Style of swordplay from his father in the mountains.


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Everyone goes into the water to play with the exception of Kagome. Views Read Edit View history.

Ibuki walks in and beats Yoichi up. Threatening to spread revealing photos of her, they beat Washizu up.

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Upon returning, Washizu is paired with Ayame, and they spar aggressively with bokkens. Secret Hot Springs Death Match! Washizu is determined to confess to Ibuki about his love letter. Television series Tenchi Universe El-Hazard: Two brothers, students of the Saginomiya clan, are assigned to defeat Yoichi.

The episodes of Samurai Harem: It is revealed that Washizu has beaten up the toughest high school gang in the area. August 21, [10]. On January 21,Geneon released a single for Asu no Yoichi!