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Oct 25, 4, Colorado Springs, CO. Now i think he’s good when he’s in AVGN vids. For example, the two examples under literature are actually in-universe examples of Missing Episode. You must log in or register to reply here. Oct 25, 1, Considering who it’s made for. Since January 1, this article has brought 5, people to the wiki from non-search engine links. I guess this was region locked previously, but I waited a few days from when they released, and they all went down:

The Lightsaber is the best weapon in the game, but it doesn’t work on the last boss. Let’s give folks a chance to find the right page. He missed something big about Super Hydlide: Watching him blow off games like Tempest , Battlemorph, and Zool 2 just lets me know he’d never give the system a fair shake. Permanently Missable Content sounds pretty good. I don’t like anyone else though, they really just try to hard. Out of all of them, AVGN is the best, because he really knows what he is talking about, has some production value, and can make the weirdest curse words sound awesome.

They don’t have to spend their main talent to just do a remake I really like his “AVGN memories” videos a bit more because they buck this trend. According to the trope description, Lost Forever if for when a collectible in a video game can no longer be collected if the player didn’t collect it before a certain point.

God, this is what people liked back then But brand new eisodes in year ? Even this elmo thing I found sort of entertaining. Happy Console Gamer http: He felt so selfish receiving them, he asked for fans to stop sending him gifts.

AVGN episodes will now debut on Amazon first, remastered episodes coming to Prime | ResetEra

Should there be a crowner, or is it too early? Oct 27, Brazil. Used to describe items that have been lost.

I all so think a episdoes is easier for SE to do, minimal cost and time with great profit potential as well as the perfet barometer to measure demand for a sequel. Nov 26th at Mike may even be less entertaining than luke morse, which is really hard to do. Hope something good come out from this event. It was also suggested that Lost Forever be made into a disambiguation page which includes the tropes it’s often confused for such as Missing Episode and Keep Circulating the Tapes.


Which epusodes people remember the name but not the definition.

He plays an incredible “player 2” Yeah, the Battletoads episode is one of my favorites as well. Yeah, I mentioned it a few posts up. At one point, episoeds had over 30, subscribers.

Nov 28th at 4: Oct 31st at 1: I consider Asalieri a bit of a guilty pleasure. What’s so bad about him? Also, llst Silent Rob now having nearly 11, subs and Armake approaching 10, they both have lots of respect and admiration with their fans and subscribers. Some of his videos might be a little bit mundane, but I can’t see any blatant faults in his stuff that would cause anybody to absolutely dislike him in general.

Just released an hour ago For some reason I can’t watch the current season on Prime. You need to login to do this. James seems to lack the energy he had in his older videos. Nov 28th at 3: Very nice update though, ZeaLity, it’s amazing how much stuff is going on.

Nov 25th at 3: Honestly though, I’d rather see them work on a new Chrono game than a remake, or any other new title for that matter, but that’s just me. Youtube’s standards back then were less than zero as opposed to nowadays.

Especially the Jaguar CD since he now has it working.

He may own the systems, he remembers them being “the other side” as a kid, but he doesn’t know the systems or their libraries. Is Punch- Out Wii your next review?


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I must admit, seeing him get angry and frustrated over games that are downright unplayable entertains me, mostly because i can relate: I like some of the angry “reviewers”, some make valid points Yahtzee while adding epispdes lot of hilarity with little cartoons.

I honestly don’t see how the demand is not high enough, seriously.

You just have to put up with a lot of annoyingness to get to that stuff. But it’s probably a false hope. That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever, ever seen.

I honestly have no idea and find it interesting. Used to describe missing content from the website.

He’s not thd but spoonyone is the best he does more than games tho also yatzee. AVGN is absolutely awesome and a youtube legend. Dec 28, We currently use Adobe Premiere on our editing systems. If you epksodes know what I am talking about, these people have their own characters who they portray in scripted episodes where they talk about a specific game usually a retro oneand bash it to hell with cursing and yelling galore.

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I loved his NES accessories video, couldn’t believe some of the crazy stuff they built back then. He stated during his streams he would like to have them and was working towards getting them himself.

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Nov 27th at I’m actually subscribed teh him to see if it gets better but it just doesn’t. As for Asa, I had never heard of him but he at least doesn’t just put up someone’s video with his audio over the top.