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I think Jo-wal is the servant who killed Arang. Yeah, I think this is chance for OTP.. Actually after checking with my best friend, Google, it says: Up in heaven, Jade Emperor takes back the one fateful stone and smiles. I’m allowing the LMH comment to Slowfie because we’ve already agreed to share. I’m pretty sure he noticed it. I was wondering the same thing.

Just saying it’s a possibility. Arang pleads with the magistrate to help find and punish her killer. Yoon Joo Sang Supporting Cast. Arang the ghost has developed her own personality, with no memory of who she was, and became a girl who fights back to survive in the world. It’s like it’s the same person Just refreshing to see someone else in comment 1.

All I know is raang their game board in Arang is so beautiful Kim Yong Gun Supporting Cast. Log in with Email. She learned to fight back, take what she could, always be on the run. I can understand, given that the first episode had a more comedic tone to it, and there were many things that seemed mysterious to us. Talk to you guys later, please check back later. Check epdrsma out and see if it’s your thing.

Yoo Seung Ho Main Cast. I knew you two had agreed to share, which arajg partially why I was OK making that comment. I couldn’t get into Arang. I’m not Slowfie, but I would check out Arang. I don’t know lol but what his father said tonight made it so suspicious Interesting arrangement you and LMH have.

Redge August 23, at 1: Perhaps it has something to do with the souls that disappear Mentioned by hades? I think in the folklore this drama is sort of based off of, the hate for the man who had wronged her was so powerful, it kept her body intact. Sorry about “the little pang in your heart,” that was cute and funny: Did the Jade Emperor have a hand in preserving her body?


Acting can go nowhere but up in my opinion. I love this show so far and I hope it stays strong writing wise.

Was there even a commoner lover in the first place???

Thanks for the recap, girlfriday. And also very curious about the Lords of both after worlds. For us, hair loose and flowy is actually considered beautiful, but for them, it’s with the hair tied back in a braid with a ribbon. Makes things more epic and the clothes are so pretty to see dancing in the air About your 2nd short: And I feel sorry for all the ghosts without families to conduct rites for them and to put out food.

Was the story of her running away with the commoner lover just a front?

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So much is happening! Actually after checking with my best friend, Google, it says: What happened to her? Plus, how DID arang’s rope-tied hand come loose? Based on your reaction, I might give it another try, maybe, later, down the road.

Arang and the Magistrate

It’s a surprise her body withstood the elements of the weather and decomposition for 3 years. Jessica August 23, at 8: And she doesn’t even see her it cracks me up every time she looks to the wrong direction! While the story has a fantastic feel, the emotions were always real. I love that their relationship is a twist to the typical lead-actress’-best-friend. Kim Kwang Gyu Supporting Cast. She scoffs at the petty dispute, and throws the first punch. Dee August 22, at That confirmed to me that I just wanted him to be happy and that I didn’t have to be the one to make him happy I don’t think I would want to, to be honest.


There was some “oh woe me” moment but it was that frequent. I hope this goes the same for the rest of the episodes.

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He says it like a warning, with a hint of a smile. This show was mostly just fun before, but now it has my heart.

Arang and the Magistrate Special It looked more proper for them. For me this show is all about Arang totally love that girl errr ghost. Why did I have to die? This time Hades tells him to leave it alone: Can’t wait to watch this episode.