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Somewhere along the way, Arang the character lost her spark and the Arang the drama lost a bit of it fierceness and I wasn’t as invested. I’m confused, the bell rings if she will find out who killed her. My girlfriend is a gumiho is totally one of my favorite dramas! Strong but subtle is something not easily pulled off. The driver meets with some gangsters who are there guard Doo Rim. But then again, it’s Gods being made happy and serving debts here so.. Yi Kyung plays along and urges her mom to stop being angry. Wow, that was a lot packed into one episode.

This cracks me up. But she must follow the laws of death. Well, if you understand the Confucian And I love when Sato Going all the way to the top, no matter the odds, or dying while trying, just is not in the gene. Would be funny to see Eun-Oh give up his high chair for the food fights with fellow ghosts. I loved how they brought in so much detailing of the characterizations from paper.

Mystisith October 18, at 8: He knows why she clung onto those beliefs because she did it for his sake, like how she kept the side residence intact. I didn’t mean I want him suffer I do enjoy how calm and stately he is.


Thank you, Marang Team! And then lived on once more in the afterlife as grim reaper and heavenly fairy. She’s now an existence that doesn’t exist anymore.

She visited the first magistrate, who was so shocked at her ghostly presence that he had a heart attack and dropped dead on the spot. I love your writing. Yellow October 18, at 9: She jumped in front of the moving knife to save Joowal.

There’s a deal being made and one can see clearly what is happening and that it is even if they can’t ever fathom why or how. Stardust August 15, at 9: Kim Yoonmi October 18, at Something comes to him, and he heads in tbe particular direction.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. CV, I have to agree with you.

Arang and the Magistrate

He gives the man a chilling glare and tells him to go, and he flees. What is the real reason you have come here? It’s been some time since they introduced us to new elements like the books of life and death, etc. This feels a lot like a fantasy wng — with quicker pacing — in a good way.


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Also very happy that they did the reincarnation ending right in this one!! Jolly October 20, at 8: He has a request concerning his daughter, and falls to his knees before Eun-oh to ask for his help.

Taoism also just permeated everything. Moooooore of this please!!!!!!! There were some things that could have been done better execution-wise. TV Arang and the Magistrate.

The series will certainly be well loved but it won’t go down any particularly in history. He hears them out and gets to work. Arang remembers everything, but Eun Oh doesn’t because he drank from the well of forgetfulness in heaven. She takes off running, but is quickly cornered.

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 20 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Gods have certain power to control humans. Girl Arang tells Boy Eun-Oh not to drink from the well of forgetfulness. They immediately perk up.