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This segment is animated in a rotoscoping technique inspired by the film Heavy Metal. Christmas Tree Man Songs: Edit Cast Episode credited cast: When a gang of vicious mutant land sharks emerge from the sea to wreak havoc on land, The Aquabats join forces with the legendary Shark Fighter, a wavy-haired ocean vigilante on a self-imposed quest to fight sharks. The synopses below summarize the main live-action storyline for each episode. As Jimmy contemplates how to escape from the Underwater King’s dungeon, The Aquabats breach the underwater city’s dome to bust him out, flooding the city in the process.

Lil’ Bat drinks a soda pop! When an impending alien invasion masterminded by the diabolical Space Monster “M” defeats the city’s other, far more competent superhero teams, it’s up to The Aquabats alone to summon their collective strengths and stop him before he destroys the planet. Trivia The amusement park in this episode is at Lagoon in Utah. Lil’ Bat humiliates a ghost! After escaping from Jimmy’s body and successfully dodging the space worm, The Aquabats set a course for a strange nearby planet to repair the Battletram. Guest starring Chris Phillips as the Narrator. In another party sequence, two non-Aquabats songs are played, ” Beat Fishin’ ” and “Wednesday” a parody of ” Friday ” by Rebecca Black. This page was last edited on 7 September , at

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Their spirits broken, the remaining Aquabats nonetheless leave to find Crash. Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile, Ricky quits the band epispde run off with Rachel Moonbug, but as the Silver Skull and The AntiBats close in on The Aquabats, he must make a choice between true love and saving his friends.

Unbenknownst to the band, the laundromat has been commandeered by the evil Dr. With The MC Bat Commander horribly mutated from its snow, the band must find a way to not only restore their leader to his former self but also rescue a nearby woman from the clutches of a crazy cactus monster brought to life by the meteorite’s same powers.

Following their previous encounter with Space Monster M, The Aquabats crash-land back on Earth, awakening to realize they have no memory of what happened or who they are. In an animated segment, The Aquabats attempt to bypass L. Silver Skull Auggie Freese After a brief fight, The Aquabats discover the battle beast is in fact Crash in disguise as part of his new job.


Holing up in the convenience store, The Aquabats must find a way to defeat the floating menace before they too start falling victim to its soul-stealing powers. HandiGel Sanitary Gel Songs: While investigating a series of bizarre attacks on fast food restaurants, Crash is captured by the maniacal ManAnt, a half-man, half-ant creature who plans to siphon Crash’s growth power to create an army of giant ants and take over the world.

Season two did not feature the serialized A Cartoon! Successfully evading capture, Crash must learn to overcome his fears and rescue aquuabats pals from certain doom. Though not performed in shiw episode, “B. Sally Brookhurst segment “Popcorn Pants” Rest of cast listed alphabetically: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tracking it down to a remote Mexican village where it has grown even larger after being exposed to random toxic waste, the band works together to blow it up and antibas the village children with plenty of delicious chips and guacamole.

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Guest starring Eipsode Oswalt as Mr. Framed around an Aquabats concert shot at the El Rey Theatrethe band presents two stories before an audience of fans. Guest starring Matt Chapman as Bob Higginsbottom. Christmas Tree Man Songs: Meanwhile, Silver Skull hatches a new plan to destroy The Aquabats. Share this Rating Title: In a live-action segment, The Aquabats are attacked by a giant tortilla monster.

After fending off the space bees, the Aquabats go off in search of the Commander only to wind up in the clutches of Moon Cheese, who plans to steal the Commander’s mind energy to power an Earth-destroying moon laser.

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The Anti-Bats!

Episide Boom Songs: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. During a leisurely night drive, The Aquabats save a group of partying beachgoers from a gang of laser-blasting mummies.

Edit Storyline Two competing bands seeking revenge on The Aquabats! Following a messy encounter with a gang of muck monsters at the city dump, The Aquabats head to their local aqusbats to get their outfits cleaned. The Aquabats spend the summer participating at Camp Radventures, a summer camp where kids are trained in The Aquabats’ superpowers to become AquaCadets.


When the Battletram lands on a planet inhabited by friendly barbarians the GnarbariansThe Aquabats try to find a way back home with the aide of a magic dagger. Ring in a Can Songs: Meanwhile, skipping lunch as they attempt to find Crash, The Aquabats try not to let their hunger stand in the way of stopping ManAnt’s scheme.

Now free from his restaurant job, EagleBones rejoins The Aquabats and they take off to reunite the rest of the team, unaware that Silver Skull is close on their tail. Lil’ Bat plays tennis! Lil’ Bat makes breakfast! Ricky remembers how he came to join The Aquabats, recalling his early life in the dance crews on the streets of Hi-Five City.

After getting lost on their way to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, The Aquabats arrive in a remote village ruled by the tyrannical Krampusa demonic beast-like creature who has outlawed all mention and celebration of Christmas under penalty of severe lashings with a switch. Ricky abandons The Aquabats!

This segment utilizes an early computer animation style reminiscent of the Dire Straits ‘ ” Money for Nothing ” antibat video.

Exhausted after a playing a rock concert, The Aquabats pull into an isolated truck stop to catch some sleep. EagleBones explains in an animated flashback how he came to join The Aquabats, meeting the band in a desert roadhouse during a nomadic journey.

After engaging in a heated submarine battle with the moon octopus, The Aquabats discover a hidden underwater city where Jimmy’s being held. This page was last edited on 7 Septemberat This segment is animated in a rotoscoping technique inspired by the film Heavy Metal. Though not performed onscreen, the song ” The Shark Fighter! Down on their luck and out of money, The Aquabats try to find an opportunity to re-establish their superhero status in order to help sell their surplus of merchandise.