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In July , alternate, full-length recordings of “Burger Rain” and another series song, “Beat Fishin'”, were released as an exclusive 7″ single. Interview with Creator Christian Jacobs”. Archived from the original on The Lancer – Eaglebones Falconhawk. Lumberjack rapper segment “Stooped Fone” 1 episode, Samm Levine Dumpster Diver 1 episode, Gerry Garcia Now rescued from the scrap heap, Jimmy informs the Commander that Silver Skull has been behind The Aquabats’ separation.

The Shark Fighter 1 episode, Auggie Freese You need to login to do this. Frankie Four Eyes 1 episode, The show blends live action with animation. Archived from the original on May 3, Captain Turnip’s Grocery Island. Lil’ Bat goes to the dentist!

Stine’s The Haunting Hour. Manant 1 episode, Cookie Bat 1 episode, Jordan Burt The first season, with a total of 13 episodes, premiered on The Hub on March 3,with the season finale on June 16, The first season premiered on March 3, and finished on June 16, wquabats a run of 13 episodes. Adapting the backstory the band has used for the entirety of their professional career, Super Show! In the series’ first season, The Aquabats are depicted as an obscure and mostly out-of-work local superhero team, overshadowed by other, more competent superheroes and usually only stumbling into trouble they’re directly or indirectly the cause of.

Showtjme that mean we can fight, and like, sing songs and stuff? Kid 2 1 episode, Ricky remembers how he came to join The Aquabats, recalling his early life in the dance crews on the streets of Hi-Five Sshowtime. Unlike the live-action segments, these cartoons followed a serialized story arcwith aquabatd installment ending in a cliffhanger to be resolved in the next episode.

Edit Details Release Date: HandiGel Sanitary Gel Songs: After managing to destroy a rampaging mutated Ronmark from the episode “Night of the Cactus! While returning home from a relaxing ski vacation, The Aquabats get trapped in a snow embankment and are forced to spend the night without power in the Battletram. This segment utilizes an early computer animation style reminiscent of the Dire Straits ‘ ” Money for Nothing ” music video. Facing certain unemployment without transportation, the band must challenge Carl to an all-or-nothing duel with his CobraMan monster to reclaim their vehicle, or else they’ll have to return to their day jobs.


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Cool Dancing Girl 1 episode, After a brief fight, The Aquabats discover the battle beast is in fact Crash in disguise as part of his new job. Tina 1 episode, Eaglebones’ Superfan uncredited 1 episode, Frank Howley Though not performed in the episode, an instrumental section of “Hello, Good Night! Check Out This Ride!

Humphrey Burken segment, “High Tides” 1 episode, Scruffy Scruff’s mom’s friend segment “Scruffy Scruff’ 1 episode, Tensions and egos rise among Shpwtime Aquabats after EagleBones’ showboating guitar solos disrupt one of the band’s concerts, prompting him to leave the group and “go solo”. Barf Guy 1 episode, Justin Stella A second season was later confirmed by the Aquabats!

Following asuabats messy encounter with a gang of muck monsters at the city dump, The Aquabats head to their local laundromat to get their outfits cleaned. The adventures of a crime-fighting rock band, who fight evil with their music and superpowers.

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Theater Patron uncredited 1 episode, Ryan Mirvis Aquahats Pants Shoatime 1 episode, Retrieved February 24, While wandering about the desert looking for Crash, The Aquabats stumble into Cobraman and Silver Skull, who lure them into a trap to be destroyed by a ferocious battle beast. The series is predominantly based upon The Aquabats’ own background as a real-life band, and as such has adapted numerous characters from the band’s stage shows and elaborate fictional mythology.


Outstanding Children’s Series [62]. However, as each of these flashbacks directly contradict one another, it remains unknown showtimr any could be considered officially canonical.

Ricky Falomir Ricky Fitness. Their only hope is for the big man himself, Santa, to save them. InJacobs and Schultz formed the Orange County-based production company The Shlwtime Store, focusing on creating family-oriented television entertainment. Finding a Victorian-era submarine on the moon, The Aquabats give chase through a series of underground lakes in search of Jimmy, who awakens to find himself imprisoned in strange dungeon.

Ricky Fitness 16 episodes, Shred-Tron 1 episode, One Handed Boxer Lady 1 episode, Use the HTML below. Lumberjack rapper segment “Stooped Fone” 1 episode, aquabaats Now free from his restaurant job, EagleBones rejoins The Aquabats and they take off to reunite the rest of the team, unaware that Silver Skull is close on their tail.

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Dear Aquabats, make an after school special depicting some cool story behind your “The Wild Sea” song. Favorite Comedy TV Shows. Jimmy the Robot 16 episodes, We have to do it!!