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What made it break in my method below, I have no idea. Seems to me that that piece of ice brings lots of points if you manage to get it down. I expect to get a great score soon: Claim or contact us about this channel. Browsing All Articles Articles. For Matilda, released her egg under the boulder so that she ricocheted up to take out the 2 remaining right-most objects, then she bounced back to dislodge the ice ball. Now just have to work on improving my score:

All being well, on the odd occasion, there will now just be debris resting against the wooden post. I came back to this strat after leaving this level overnight. Golden egg is under the far ledge underneath whatever those things are with the markings on them. And lots luck with debris tnatiuk17piano. After that the egg rolled out several times but just fell onto the snowballs, just like yours. Direct hit with last small red should break it allowing the remaining debris to roll down the hill. Here is a picture of a failed game, showing that the wood can be removed:

The second was a prize entry. A third method for k First bird to bottom of tree to create avalanche Second to upper snow plough Third, flung very quickly to avoid debris, to beneath lower snow plough. D much better to see it in sko, now to get and execute ithaving trouble getting the bottom plow to roll.

Thanks for responses bernersenn. So hunnybunny and kathy we can have all these benefits for us. The Suqeal Egg is hidden behind the snow monster, on the right hand side, in what looks like a cave.

I found it with Shockwave. Can get overquite regularly with this method — and top scored c, Embed this content in your HTML. Boss Hog with points Platform: You need tomwuicklymfling bird three there are no pigs left now to break the post and allow the debris to roll down hill. For those of you that are having trouble getting the piece of wood out of the way…if you manage to get just the one stubborn diagonal bottom piece left after the second bird, then all you have to do is send Red for a direct hit to the very top tip of it.


Golden Egg 72, or better known as the “Big Fountain” is unlocked after you obtain 3 star in all the regular levels of Angry Birds Seasons Marie Hamtoinette. New day new level today. The Golden Egg is hidden behind the snow monster, on the right hand side, in what looks like a cave.

Might get some more things done coffeeking lol. Thanks for all the strats. Xqueal, cut under metal plate with pink bird, and let her pick up far pig. Hopefully, what is left is piled up against the anggy remaining wooden post. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more.

Angry Birds Seasons Ski or Squeal Golden Egg #67 Walkthrough | AngryBirdsNest

The Golden Egg is hidden in the bushes at the top right corner. One stating senior citizens 117 50 and 85…. Boss Hog with points Platform: You want to take out all 10 of the anggry objects, with Matilda ricocheting to get the two on the top right as peejaydee27 described.

Golden Eggs — AngryBirdsNest. Browsing All Articles Articles. The Golden Egg is sitting above the crane. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more.


Save the one time I used a shockwave just to relieve the stress and see it blown to smithereens resetting before the powerup score records. Tough to get all 3 shots to work but they finally did for great destruction. Trigger Stella then quickly shoot red into the top of the power pole remains. I came back to this strat after leaving this level overnight.

Should finish off the rest. Yes kathythere is an ABA group. And the funnnier part grewbrow53 I spent so long trying to figure it out, before scrolling down, i almost had it deciphered heehee tomwuicklymfling heee heeeee sorry, my friends say My keyboard has HooDoo Voodooo Cc: Golden Sski 67 Alert!

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Angry Birds Seasons Ski or Squeal Golden Eggs Walkthroughs

How many times does that happen? And I thought i held the title lol! You can read more about the Ski or Squeal update and find helpful links here. A high-flying Yellow bird is the best way to try to snipe the Egg. This seems to do more damage.

Third small red over to the top snow plough hitting the snow just below the small metal plate. Thank you for the tip greybrow53! So I aim at the intersection between the top and middle sections of the tree maiasatara.