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Immediately, he reached out to wipe her tears. Hi, I’m wondering if this novel can be picked up? Nothing seemed to have ever happened. He is one of the most successful businessman in the capital and one of the Emperor’s favourites – he is the most eligible bachelor in the capital and every lady in town wants to marry him. Yes – bad things happen to good people, and I love that it didn’t make her bitter. After quite a while, did Dongfang Lan recover from the daze. But he just laid there and shamelessly added oil to fire, waiting for his feisty wife to stand up for him and enjoying her declarations of ownership.

So calm that it made Feng Cang appreciate her even more. Anyway, the female lead ends up on the special mountain as the best doctor wants her to take care of his grandson, the male lead, who had been poisoned and attacked and has to survive the night or he will die. So, what usually prevents the characters from being together is not a stupid denial of feelings, but because of greater external forces in which the characters need to learn how to bond to deal with together – to fight for their love. Ups, i’m sorry, forgot to put the synopsis I found about the novel from this site: I like that little hint in the end that her eyesight gets better, but it’s not a miraculous cure. Looking at that, Feng Cang was now more startled. She was a hundred times stronger than those people, who with a smiling face, would stab you in the back.

I saw your post on Su Ji Coffin Shop and the length of it sounds inviting.

This was her bottom line. Of course, I do have to acknowledge that I like strong male leads too, but I can’t stand a female lead who lets the male lead walk all over her b either never grows a backbone or grows one way too slowly for my liking.


I just heart them to bits. Email required Address never made public. The feast was going well. His eyes were firm. Unknown 16 October at Really devilish beauty, ah! I love that she is a brilliant and empowered female character that didn’t let her handicap maker her a victim. For example, Ye Yin in “All Are Foxes” came rather close ,ing pushing the envelope for me on a few deries with her holier-than-thou ways.

In the past, Feng Xie only had princess Ming Yue as his only woman. While admiring the dancers, she tasted the delicious food.

Only let me live there; live for a whole lifetime! Was this in 3 marriages? Maybe I will go edit the title one day. Nie Cheng Yan managed to let go of his inner demon; i loved his confession when he said that if being able to walk meant never meeting xiao xiao, he would always choose meeting xiao xiao. So, he locks up the female lead with the male lead and asks her to take care of him and if the male lead survives the crucial night, the best doctor will cure the female lead’s younger brother.

Li Ke hurriedly replied: Anonymous 5 April at Good thing they got together then, eh? An amnesiac female and her playboy husband’s love story. I love that all of them managed to move on, and MYTF didn’t push “miracle cures” into the story.

I have some problem posting a reply and if this goes through, I just want to say I read 4 epilogues for 3M online at www. After quite a while, did Dongfang Lan recover from the daze. And, I totally respect JM for being the smartest female lead I ever read, who still had that little sense of mischief in her, and bullying Long Er because he totally deserved it. This is really too much! One side was the grandmother who brought him up.

So calm that it made Feng Cang appreciate her even more.


DWGMSFF Chapter 68 – volare novels

That doesn’t mean I detest all male-boss-female-servant setups on principle, though! It will mean a lot. I think I mentioned to Peanuts, that if I were to translate this book, I’ll be editing a lot of bits out. A while later, this crown prince will let people send them to you.

Besides, Dongfang Lan was an elder. The situation is also equalised as she’s his “doctor” in a way haha. I actually really like Rong Yan. I kinda ffw through General, because I was impatient to continue with the main story wire was inserted in between chapters.

Why did he say that? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Anonymous 10 April at The empress dowager making things difficult was understandable. I posted this out of the three full length c-novels of the series on SSB because it is a good place to start for the series, although Thawing Master Anciennt predates it.

[Suggestion] Three Marriages 三嫁惹君心novel

Aww I love it. Anonymous 23 November at Glad to discuss this book with like-minded folks!! Oh, my favourite scenes come in the earlier parts – I esp like Feng Ning and Long San’s first meeting!!!!!! Never before has she had such feelings.

[Suggestion] Three Marriages 三嫁惹君心novel

Let’s head straight to the good stuff! It has a range of strings with movable bridges and has a range of up to 5 octaves.

Dancers and singers performed. She actually lost her soul in front of him……. It starts with the female lead traveling dotiing the way wwife this special city renowned for its doctors and this special mountain next to it where the best doctor lives. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.