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Funny that Luci again offered to split up with David. They kiss and she leaves him to contemplate the family issues. Ella queda como heredera de todo, especialmente de la hacienda. Learning about her Mother’s murder will be about deep hurt, deception and rage. I wonder if Rosario has the strength to give him the will to live and slowly bring him back. I seem to remember a shared green and pink dress also. Rafa, Vivi, and Mariano are all frantically looking for Camila.

Univision logo, used from January 1, to December 31, I was stunned when it turned out that he raped Luzma. When you think of the grueling shooting schedule of a tn unlike a serialized show with a few episodes each year , it just ups the respect level when you see the actors, director and producers create such a quality product, episode after episode. She will help him with whatever he decides to do. They sort of shove the suitcase back and forth, LOL. She tells him she knows he’s in touch with the real Daniel.

Please re-read my comment. Camila se casa con Alfonso pero su paciencia no le dura mucho. She would lick his feet, so hopefully when push comes to shove and he starts asking questions she will fold and tell him everything. Televisa — Grupo Televisa, S. Let her throw herself on the floor, kicking and screaming and he should have just walked away.

Maybe he should just sell the place and he and Bobby move to Tampa or New Orleans. The look on Pam’s face and then the look on Bobby’s face. If Luciana goes to San Francisco with Migel it will be much less an issue for David than her lack of commitment.


Although he seemed sincere in his affections for Marta at the time, Brian has done too many things to refute that. Vivi runs into Alonso on the stairs and he says he doesn’t know where she is. As Don Cornelisus used to say, “It’s going to be a stoned gas! I felt for him. Good for Luciana for not hitting back because that would have played right into DisGracie’s bullshit.

He looks like a broom barfed on his head.

Doesn’t it make you just want to shoot a taser at her? Kat, this is great. In Smor, there are entities which bear the name of Santiago that are often confused.

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Who cares anymore about NoJuan and SkidMark. All four are so boooring to me. In the non-Fer-centric part of town, Juan hands Perla a big wad of cash to buy something impressive to wear to Gut’s charity event, which Juan considers to be very important for him. The patio peeps here at caraycaray have always loved their euphemisms. Dy thanks for tackling this over done drama over nothing episode! He will still want control over Malquerida and Camila.

Daniel se confiesa con Camila y le cuenta toda su verdad. I’m going to be bummed if Erika dies before the Gran Final because I’ll be pissed off! The building opened on February 10, the channel was the first national network to be broadcast in color in She approaches kissing like a dog goes after Alpo.


Ximena claims she’s just bored with these silly country parties is all.

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How about the pear robe?? It goes down hill A bit from here if The sucubuses have their way. Funny that Luci eipsode offered to split up with David. Why not take the next step and stop the trafficking all together? Camila offers to pay him for letting her go, but he gets violent again, telling her to shut up or she’ll die earlier than planned.

Snotty Bitch makes her apologies to Agustina, who offers her a pill for her headache, but she declines it and leaves. He claims to have Camila in a secure location, but he wants something in exchange…La Malquerida. It will be different, and my former joking aside, I’d bet it will be deeper, darker and more sinister.

But Fernanda would be hysterical enough to blurt out in the middle episodw her tirade, ” Costa 88 not surprising.

This is the reason of why Televisa has an influence over the decisions in the Union Congress. Why do I get this feeling that Carito isn’t done drooling over Miguel? He whips out his epissode.