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I checked the guide for the rest of this weekend and the next I’m pretty sure they would show it on a weekend and it’s not there. I would have probably been a whiny, self-pitying mess if I had gone through what she had gone through. Home Shows Amor Bravio. GatoViejo, your captions are a treasure and fantastic resource. Rodolfo episodes, Uness this is Oz and they’re in Cell Block But I did laugh at your “salud!

We can see how that is working out. He has no idea that his fate is linked to the Monterdes in Mexico, or how drastically his life will soon change. Share this Rating Title: It can’t be easy to kill a Komodo Dragon. This has certainly been one of the best TNs ever. It’s bound to be shown in the daytime at some point. I suspected the same thing some of you guys were thinking. I, too, was glad they didn’t rush to show a multitude of weddings or, even worse, double and triple weddings.

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I agree that Miriam could’ve held on to Agatha a little longer after her return, but also understand that with a baby episore, if she’s fussy taking her off camera is the best thing. That watch is worth way more than a bottle of booze.

Thanks for the heads up!!!!! Best telenovela ever, and so far I don’t see any competition on the horizon. Also the police found Isa stumbling down the road, bloody, stumpy hands etc. We couldn’t do it without each and every one of you, either–or without episodw foresight of Melinama in having created this little corner of virtuality. Love that Camila kissed Daniel right in front of El Diablo.


I’d love to hear others’ thoughts, but I remember it as a fair novela, not real long, but a good showcase for the young principals. Dio sees Dan and Cam with the Budgekin kiss. It can’t be easy to kill a Komodo Dragon. Jardinera, there are five weekend discussions about villains that cover the three basic types: Jardinera- Saturday mornings and weekends have been such a pleasure over the last months because I know I have one of your amazingly detailed and clever recaps to look forward to.

Don’t want to get your hands dirty? His stint in Prison should be a vivid reminder of that. I don’t want to steal Vivi’s thunder if she is nice enough to recap, but someone on the cast is a total flirt!!!! I liked how Dan and Abe were exchanging looks while Mar and Mir were flirting hehehe!

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Without it and with near-nubs for hands, she is pretty helpless and poses no danger. We did not get to see enough of Dio’s karmageddon, he deserved much worse, though by his tears I think we’re being led to believe he’s in hell. I missed the first 45 minutes; what did they show? I’m not an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth person and I definitely don’t agree with torture, so I can’t feel good about what happened to Isadora.

Aaron episove himself a nice native girl and they raise a couple of free-range kids there on the kibbutz. If the writers had surprised us and had Luzma going her own way after recovering, I would have been so upset for Pablo. We never found out if he hooked up with anyone else.


It came up in the news once when the US wanted to extradite a guy don’t remember the bragio who had killed someone here, and was serving time for something else in Mexico.


When Leo saw Dio, he said “welcome to hell”. Toxic Parents separate lists for mothers and fathers Predatory Peers by gender Sleazebags one list, all male The list of mothers is the first and we had this discussion late last June.

I want William Levy to kiss brxvio, over and over and then start over again. I, too, was glad they didn’t rush to show a multitude of weddings or, even worse, double and triple weddings. Leoncerdo was truly a sicko. Dan and Cam arguing about their roles in the plan.

Too bad we didn’t ever get to see her in some attractive civvies. It’s bound to be shown in the daytime at some point. Her parents have made great sacrifices to give her a good, decent life, but Teresa wants more, a lot more. Thanks for all your help. Fatima- I always find that it takes a couple of days for me to get out of the mental space of a tn I really liked, or a barvio couple I really liked. This is a man who has shown he will go above and beyond to protect her and to stay by her side.