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This does make sense as Rotwood did start figuring out that Jake and the dragon were the same person at the end of “Rootwood’s Thesis” So having him known, and have known for a while that Jake is the dragon is a believable twist. Jake attends the World Dragon Summit and becomes engaged in a hilarious battle of pranks with Fred Nerk, the Australian Dragon – during which he learns about his grandpa’s history with the infamous Dark Dragon. Forums New posts Search forums. Jake discovers that his ancient, out-of-touch grandfather was once a swinging, styling super-agent in s Hong Kong, China, who had completely changed after defeating the Dark Dragon. What’s that name of the dude wearing sunglasses in the black bakground I see in a lot of people’s profile pic i see on YouTube for example? It premiered January 21, and the series finale aired on September 1, When he brings them to school, they go from causing mischief to helping him cheat on his mythology test.

Jake is assigned as a bodyguard to the Oracle Twins, Kara and Sara. Meanwhile, with seemingly no crime for weeks on end, Jake becomes immensely overweight by eating massive amounts of junk food, much to Trixie’s dismay. With Rotwood now knowing Jake is a dragon, he sets up a campaign of humiliating him in school in order to get him to slip up and expose himself. Jake Long got a reboot. Note this episode takes place before “Dragon Summit”. But I think this was a great ep and am giving this a solid

I actually looking forward to see what happens next! Fu Dog is forced to go undercover as a contestant in the “Miss Magical World” beauty pageant in order to discover the secret evil plot of the wealthy wizard, Eli Pandarus. When an ancient magical chalice containing a powerful evil is being used as a trophy at his school’s talent show, Jake must compete against Spud the Magnificent and risk losing their friendship. They has more then enough evidence to reviel Magical Creatures to the world if they wanted to.

In an attempt to raise enough money to replace the vase they broke, Spud and Trixie unknowingly give Jake’s dragon form over to Professor Rotwood.

I’m betting he’s the Huntsman. And, of course, he was hilarious as always especially in the credit tag.

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Jake, Spud and Trixie fight a demon that has caused them to lose their youth. Jake’s loyalty in Fu Dog wanes as he constantly fails to help him out in their partnership. The easier it is for the clan to wipe them out.


Jake learns that the three evil Gorgon sisters, Fury, Euryale, and Medusa have mysteriously returned to life and are magically entrancing the school cheerleaders to do their dirty work. Jake must hide a giant, hairy troll from his parents and visiting aunt.

Edit Storyline Jake plays a trick on Principal Rotwood, making him leave, only to have an even tougher principal take his place. Jake is chased into a trap along with a group of comically inept magical misfits and has a confrontation with Huntsgirl that will determine whether or not Rose would give up her Huntsclan lifestyle if she knew the truth behind his identity.

In the end, Rose uses the magic skulls to destroy the Huntsman and the Huntsclan, but is affected as well. Search for ” The Rotwood Files ” on Amazon. Of course, without any proof that Jake is a dragon, Rotwood really can’t do anything and since Jake knows Rotwood knows, Jake’s going to be on guard.

Jake finds out the identity of Huntsgirl. I wonder how Rotwood would react to know two others in the school are linked with magical creatures.

I knew Dagon wouldn’t let the other guy get in his way to glory! All main, recurringand supporting characters have vastly different appearances compared to the first season, as a new hand-drawn animation team and style was brought in order to give the show a sleeker look. I beleave amfrican is a reason they don’t. Wow, there’s nothing like revealing a character’s secret to help add continuity to a slightly dull show.

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Not exposeing Jake was an unexpected twist. This was pretty cool. Share this Rating Title: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb filds plugin. Millie Fillmore voice Corey Burton I just loved the ending, it was so awesome I’m really liking Rotwood’s character now and hope they develop him into more of a villain now.

When two girls compete in bids for him Danika Hunnicutt, a pretty girl, and Vicky Fickling, a scifi nerdJake rigs the bid so Danika can win. Retrieved from ” https: Jake Long season 1 vs season 2.


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When she begins outperforming him at various tasks, a jealous Jake secretly makes her dragon abilities go out of control. I think that there are a group of humans Many of high stature that want to reveal the existance of magical creatures to the world.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Out of touch with his Chinese heritage and unwilling to participate in the festivities, Jake volunteers to watch his grandpa’s shop while he’s off doing his own holiday traditions. When Fu allows his animal guardian license to expire once again, Jake is assigned a temporary animal guardian: Unfortunately for him, she gets addicted and starts to go too far when she watches a show with a magical Pooka who uses Mind Control spells to brainwash his victims.

Professor Rotwood voice Tara Strong Oh what a tangled web this is.

Together Jake and Rose banish the Dark Dragon to another dimension for a thousand years and Rose kisses Jake, explaining she found the picture of the two of them together which restored her jae. Not until “Homecoming” later in season two is there an episode that nails the course for the entire series. Views Read Edit View history. Meanwhile, Jake learns that a ferocious, shape-shifting beast is preying on magical creatures, and suspects that his school principal is zmerican creature.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The ending was unexpected. Last edited by a moderator: Arsenal Magneto was right. Jake Longcreated by Jeff Goode. Jake’s father destroys the Dark Dragon’s demons while Haley and Sun capture Chang, but they are unable to defeat the Dark Dragon until Rose unexpectedly joins the battle. This Week’s Top Trailers. Rotwood can’t just tell everyone that Jake’s a dragon either because no one would really believe him since no one really thinks dragons exist.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Revealing magical creatures to the world would hurt the clan’s goals.