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Return to Finneus , and see what he has to say about this. If you don’t mind, I’ll put your name on it as co-author, since after all, it’s your findings that the paper’s based on, so you really deserve the. When I opened the file, it quickly closed the program within one second. Instead, he rushes over to Jerdana, and bows before her. Go back to the Rock Quarry. Shabina’s Altador Plot Guide. But you think it means something, you say?

Posted December 5, Lets check with Finneus. If you are having trouble drawing the constellations, try using the Add Star function to select each individual star listed, then switch back to Connect Stars to connect them. How to fix it? Manually had to do the NP part, but that wasn’t a big deal at all. That way you can see the error it throws. Check in with your usual characters: The janitor says, “I saw you almost fall out of the observatory!

Jam all three of your rocks into the three gears that open the right side of the ceiling the widest, and you should have this: However, to avoid all hassle, visit the Jellyneo constellation finder. We should slowly begin to regain our memories of past history as it decays.

I think I failed to sense it before because the other two enchantments, being so much more powerful, drowned constelaltion out.

Neopets Altador Plot Constellation Finder

Try doing each gear individually to see which three open up the right side the widest. Hit “Find Stars” and our finder will tell you exactly where your stars are at.

D For all your hard work, check out the cool prizes. Red Pteri header image courtesy of Suta Raito. Use this picture as a reference:. We may as well pot this over with. The spots on the ceiling and floor combine to form a strange pattern The quarry workers look at you as you approach. Now that looks like a constellation! Posted 09 October – He’ll be sleeping in 15 minutes, 17 seconds.


The shape must be exact. Yesterday it was a Green Cybunny Plushie. Should I make a separate topic on how to run the program even if altado. If not, it might miss some.

He perks up huntfr you explain your request. But you think it means something, you say? Edited by Kaddict, 16 August – Then, return to the Janitor and press the button to open the ceiling.

Posted 15 August – If the right side of the ceiling moves, count the number of visible tick marks on the edge of the circle.

SunnyNeo – Altador Plot – Constellation 12 – The Hunter

For the next step, you’ll need to know the exact coordinates of your Sleeper Constellation. Punch in your Star Data, select Sleeper from the dropdown, and then at the very bottom, it’ll show you your room containing the spell book. I used the Jellyneo guide to complete the Altador plot just a few days ago see the first link below Using this guide, I was able to complete the plot in very little time. The best method consyellation to put a rock into the gears one at a time and see what effect it has on the roof; however, after 10 attempts the gears will lock up and the puzzle will reset itself, so you can huntfr test the first 9 gears and then use your tenth guess to input the actual combination.


The basement of the Hall of Heroes is full of mysterious machinery. Welcome to myTDN, guest!

The Wocky approaches you. The archivist says, “Wait, I’m sorry, did you say there were only three stars you found in the clue? You see that middle dot? Except on the statue, the flames are stone, just like the rest of consfellation. I’m not sure but if it fails you can just re-run the program without any manual input It eventually will find the combination. I believe that the Book contains a weak magical power source, which reveals a chapter each time a constellation is found.

When reading the last chapter, click the flames in the hands of alltador Darkest Faerie. Been taking some medication to keep me calm. The history-hiding enchantment is very strong, and will probably take some time to wear off. I used yours too, and was having that issue that he mentioned. There might be such a spell in the Archives somewhere, but the cataloguing system doesn’t go into detail about specific spells, just the titles of books.

Then, all you have to do is to enter into the library and click on any of the doors. You have found a constellation for each of the twelve Heroes of Altador Your feedback is very important to us!