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Enter star data above Thief: Click on the symbol on the paper he is holding to get the next conestellation. It is hiding but very easy to spot. Click continue, click return to council chamber then click the king the loupe as shown and your done!! This part is for people who want to make the plot as legit as possible, who dont want to use firefox or who just have WAY to much time on their hands. Red Pteri header image courtesy of Suta Raito. This part is a refresh sync. The dimensions of the star map, if you have a low resolution you might want to use a smaller size.

Item in PB Set: Then this door handle. Oh yes, several more things to do This is why we have created a Star Mapper. Click the door handle. We believe that these steps will be repeated in a similar fashion until all 12 of the Heroes have gotten their constellation solved! Here is a pic to help and a list of all the possible combinations it could be. Click on that particular item.

Guide to QUICKLY Complete the Altador Plot [SHORTCUT]

Click on the dots that are circled in green. Problem has been looked to and fixed – thanks for submitting the correction! Well, looks like our litte Astronomy Club leader is a bit jealous of our skills Do this 10 times correctly in a row to complete.

You should then visit every shop in turn until you see an item with a scale figure libra on it. Latest Update – Marak the Wave. Repeat this process starting over again in the room on the far left a few times and you should get it right away. Although none of us want to go back to that Astronomy Club, go there anyways, get ignored by the President, and receive a small gift Then click this link and then click this link.


Mark this down on your note pad you opened. When you have all 3 numbers you need, put the rocks back into the correct gears and refresh.

Click on the rock shown below to get the fake constellation.

Paste the coordinates in the box below. Small px Medium px Big px Huge px. Star Data Constellation Finder Telescope Open up the link for the telescope and altadof the sleeper constellation using the constellation finder results. Now this may be tedious, but click on all the punch bowls until a pattern appears on the goblet on table. Constllation thanks to Xestrix, who provided the information and photos for me to use!

Go to the tomb and, very carefully, try to find the hidden link. Connect the stars and it polt look like this. According to Neopets you’re not allowed to use any device that does all the work for you. Fancying a challenge and want the thrill of being able to find your own stars? Now click this link and do the flower pot thing again.

An easy way of doing this to open each section in new tabs. If you have taken longer then about 30 mins to get to this point from the punch club, then you will have to click all the links again to find the grarll.

‘s Altador Mini-Plot Coverage, Solutions, and Walkthrough

The borders are red lines that outline the area where constellations appear, all your constellations will be inside the red border. Please check other user’s helpful guides at the bottom of the page. He’ll be sleeping in 5 hours, 58 minutes. If you make a mistake, just continue doing the same thing and you will eventually get it correct. Now click on the lights in the back as shown below.


G,and so on. Star Data Constellation Finder Telescope Open up the link for the telescope and find the first to rise constellation using the constellation finder results. This takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 mins.

Neopets Altador Plot Constellation Finder

And don’t you suspect the Astronomy Club President as the thief? When you find the right arch, there will be an orange Grarrl lurking altaador the shadows.

Enter star data above First to Rise: Open up about 6 tabs then check them plto till you get the image below. It will be a random item, but it should have a symbol of a scale on it.

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However, this one took me less time than The Sleeper – 18 seconds! Most people doubt that the Ice Caves will have anything to do with the plot, as the “stars” probably were already there. Buy Neopoints at the cheapest prices from our trusted partner today and become a Instant Neopets Millionaire Today! No longer necessary for the time being, you can visit the Janitor.

Ever gone fishing and wondered what this little statue does? Enter star data above Wave: