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All my life I prayed for someone like you. Flo Jo had announced in June that she would not seek a spot on the U. Hidden in the Woods. She was a modern star — Flo Jo — celebrated and ridiculed simultaneously. Close to me — you’re like my mother. Rookie of the Year Press Conference Reporter. Long before Mary was born, Florence had prayed for a musically gifted daughter — partly because Florence couldn’t hold a tune — and Mary somehow seemed to channel that prayer.

If it wasn’t Greg Louganis, it was Bart Conner. Instead, the teacher told him that his daughter was OK and that Mary wanted to make sure he was OK, too. By the ’84 trials, she had a new boyfriend: The Life Career Award. He kept Florence’s broken finger nail in a box, and says he wouldn’t sleep in the master bedroom, “because it wasn’t the same — she wasn’t there. She looked so elegant, he assumed she was a trainer. She was proud of herself. Some called her the “Silver Queen,” because she’d had a spate of second-place finishes.

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Periodically, Florence would reprise the conversation, telling Al maybe it was better if they all died together, because no one could take care of Mary better than they could. When I look back on it, those Olympics meant more to me than anything else that’s ever happened in my life.

Suddenly, the heat was on everyone else. He’d wine and dine her, sweep her off her feet.

He began coaching at Mpvie, so he gave her a cell phone when she was only 8, urging her to call him anytime, any place. Then suddenly someone played the national anthem — her national anthem — and he felt her. But then came some darker moments, some premonitions that were somewhat difficult for Al to digest. Whatever Florence was whispering to Mary — and Mary felt her presence — the most profound change could be found in Mary’s music. By the ’84 trials, she had a new boyfriend: He would’ve happily stood on the roof, just for the chance to ride with her, and if the other athletes had been paying closer attention, they would’ve seen through him.


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Her dreams had long been colorful and vivid, but now there seemed to be a blehn distressing element to them. After that, Al bit his lip.

He chalked this up to Florence’s creative mind. Her name was Alisha Biehn, and when he eventually admitted who he was, he was impressed she didn’t seem threatened by his storybook love with Florence.

Their dating escalated, and his friends noticed him smiling again. April 11, and Alexander b. He called his college coach and said, “All I have to do is wake mpvie tomorrow — and go get my gold medal.

Nominated — Saturn Award for Best Actor. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. She sent him back a picture of herself with her silver medal — and, for the first time, he had a sliver of hope.

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Al ushered Mary to a side room, then watched the gurney emerge. She was decked out in her costume — a wedding dress — and Al couldn’t resist saying: She grabbed Al by the shirt and said, “Let’s go. Because the track season was about to begin — and she hadn’t trained a second — she decided to retire at age He starred in two other films directed by James Cameron: Mary is trying to do this under the radar — and sometimes she gets cold feet — but her hope is to slowly ease back into shape and be ready to sprint and long-jump for Santa Monica College this September.


His first wife was actress Carlene Olson, whom he married on July 11, This page was last edited on 13 Januaryat Al bragged about it to anybody who would listen. After a few more films, Biehn played Sgt.

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He had it all mapped out: He got her to bed early — no more marathon nail sessions — and monitored her diet. Who knows what Mary has dreamt? And there was nothing there, and there never was.

Was he supposed to find a lady with a December birthday, like Florence’s? Take Me Home Tonight. Flo Jo reflects on her world record in the meter finals at the Seoul Olympics. He was movif to leave L.