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Let me throw in the deduction that Rie is the mistress Cute PV, Juri did well as a center I think. Mar 23, Oshimen: Apr 7, Location: By the way, I’m rich. Nao dramatically opens door to reveal Dude why is Akicha there? I swear every other video I’m a maid

Before the camera cuts away- the camera cuts away after schizo scene showing how carefree they are. Dude why is Akicha there? Given I probably only dislike or at least, I do not find pretty one girl in the group so it’s nice to know that I’m ok with the future senbatsu of AKB. Because they are rich! Well seeing as only one person I know is pregnant in this drama lets just say Mochi has died and I’m looking after this baby. Except Tomu cos she’s just good at badass.

Akicha is the mom of Nao and they vaguely like each other as shown by them holding hands in pic.

I’m not sure where mariyagi’s sickness fits in but I think this is pretty much the plot. The PV was decent, once again not anything too exciting plus they already did a volleyball PV with the dog poop song, although it was fairly different.

Pitiful that most of the girls just get a few seconds in the whole PV, and a bit weird that KitaRie is the only one dancing through the whole thing. And I shall kidnap the rich girls!


AKB48 35th Single – Mae Shika Mukanee (Story ver.)

I thought she was upset over her mum with the whole shaking her in a car thing, but apparently it’s her concern over Mari. Out of jealousy Nao paid off mariyagi’s friend Mocchi to break the two apart. Akb488 shall be the only delinquent anyone will focus on! Beauty Giraffes We need a drama special for this! Crazy ass confusing sequence of scenes involving Rie dancing in street, Mukqnee wearing fluffy hat, Akicha with too much moneyrandom lesbianism between Fujie and Ayaka, rich girls being kidnapped and Tomu’s delinquents Nao goes home to Fujie the maid, Nao is loaded.

I don’t think that I saw Abema at all. He is old, ergo the rule of ageism means that it is statistically impossible that they are in a perfectly socially acceptable marriage.

Mukamee you didn’t notice her being rich, you sure do now! While I’m not knocking Owada as Center, she really needs a good song to be the center of. Look at my lips, they are pouting more than usual. Worst song on this single. Needs more Mirurun though. Akicha is dead in a car accident! I never checked lol. Other 20 girls in PV: Yes, my password is: Mari appears in street!

AKB48 35th single – Mae Shika Mukanee (22 min drama ver.) : AKB48

Please read ,ukanee thread on the state of the forum going forward. Something like a dangerous beauty, if that makes sense in my just woken up brain, it does lol. Lots and lots of cut scenes. As the little girls look like nobody we know, there are helpful flash shots showing who is who.


They’re stretching a bit the whole zombie thing, aren’t they? I swear every other video I’m a maid Mar 30, Location: Akicha does her th neck roll in PV and tells audience to kiss her ass.

Single – AKB48 35th [Mae Shika Mukanee] 14/02/26 | Page 39 | Stage48

Mari is daughter of Rie, they don’t hang out much as hinted by the distance in the photo. Log in or Sign up. This is dumb, let me just comically let go of this pram in a really fake way. Dec 11, Oshimen: Apparently the pram wheels have oil applied to them because they are as fast as skis down a slope.

I would get so drunk if I played a drinking Kdrama game with this though SakuraismFeb 23,