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Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka. I am hoping for incest at the end although it looks like they aren’t really blood related. I was like, “Whoa is he talking to himself or something”. Looking forward to this. I agree, unless she’s not really his sister perhaps? What was it about? What a waste of great talents referring to the voice actors. I know it’s not going to happen, but this has the potential to become a yuri show.

We;; at ;east it affected emotionally Yuuhi so we know even more that she is way emotionally prone. Romance, and lots of it Oh well, in the end, what more can you ask for out of an eroge adaptation? Overall, an entertaining watch with all the funny situations and whatnot. Though, a little twist like that would help create drama in the story, because the way this show is going, it looks like the producers are pulling every trick out of the book, and not being very original. More than I can count and seemingly generic characters probably won’t win me over in this one. This was expected, the Da Capo similarity stays in that household. I hope there’s more of a fight between Minato and Katagiri in the future

At least no parents mentioned in this one, which made things different for me. Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Episo I love the professor jajaja and the friend of the main male lead harem.

Hmm I still don’t know what to think about this anime. I liked the gags and the humor, even the censors were well done. This anime has really terrible writers, but I’m in the mood for a bad anime atm so I’ll keep watching.


Go Watch Sumomo momo Its epic. This anime really likes to jerk me around.

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I can feel it, haha. And they showed the kiss flashback way too much.

Animation is average, sound is superb, characters are also average and the story I was stunned really. Highlight of the show: Another very funny episode. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. But I have to say, junichi ending up with the teacher would be way too much!!

I don’t really think she deserves that kind of role. There was hi some progress relationship-wise, as well as some tension building up. Adapted from an Eroge right? Geno Killer, why do you think she asks if her food is good to Nangase???

And Aya Hirano as the imouto Mitsuki is pretty scary, if you think about it.

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Probably the most enjoyable episode yet XD so What a waste of great talents referring to the voice actors. Ok, so, I love how katagiri first thinks that Junichi is a good guy, and thinks its fate that they met, then she totally hates beoh just because he kissed her The 1st episode wasn’t that interesting. Hmmm I guess that’s what you call a voh pleasure. We do not need to go there.

The overdone plot element “Girl shows up out of nowhere and stays in dude’s house”, it’s been done like what?

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Episode 1 Discussion

Overall, an entertaining watch with all the funny situations and whatnot. Obviously it’s a comedy and romance tittle, but I don’t know if it has other genres. I still hold that Minato and Junichi are related by blood. I guess some people are weaker than other but it’s true that everytime they catch a cold, which is sometime kinda annoying.


She sounded fine to me, although she does sound the same ; and Rie doing Tiaga AND Katagiri, i woulda at least expected some difference in inflection, but both of those are minor points. Agent Nagase is the main character’s father WTF is a geno?

I didn’t like it. As others mentioned, this was a better episode. Minato seems to have revealed some childhood things about Junichi, including about his father.

Best episode so far. If they are not related by blood I can live with him hooking up with his sister, she’s way hotter than Yuuhi. Everyday, a little bit of diving. I think that was the first episode of this anime, that I could enjoy from the smoaru to the last minute. Great let’s see that when it happens. This was a meh episode. Goodly it finish that all the episode wasn’t done for nothing, their relationship have increased quite a lot. Waiting for ep 2.

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Yuuhi was just annoying. But it was alright overall. I’m sticking to it. I shouldn’t do that, I know: