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I still am acting but for very little money. Some of these would most probably have already been known to most Singaporeans, given the rather extensive coverage she received post-Miss Singapore Universe. I am a poly student, they sometimes ask me to take MC for shooting. Rathi sent in her entry form, and the rest, as they say, is history. Thalapathy and Naayagan for Tamil cinema. Till today, she completely abstains from riding on rainy days, as per the promise she made to her mother.

But problems arise because her friendship is misunderstood by every one in the family. I generally like romantic comedies. This writer wishes her all the best in her media career as well as her entrepreneurial endeavours. He adds that he would be extremely pleased if a full-time media career was feasible. Look out for him! Avocados happen to be one of his best-loved foods.


Has the ComCare Assistance helped Singaporeans ‘tide over a difficult phase’? Modelling was his pioneer pursuit, even before trying his hand at acting.

We should be more courageous. Reflecting on her Miss Vasantham experience, Eswari cites that having gotten the blessing of a treasured friend, in the form of fellow contestant Leena Subramaniam, was one of the several plus points of the once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Time took a toll on that firm stand of course, and she decided to give the pageant a shot after her elder sister egged her on after spotting a newspaper advertisement for it.

A simple rule of thumb which he abides by: Women tend to think too much before embarking on anything, in contrast to men, who do not think twice. As far as she is concerned, people only need to change their attitude to make the difference; laziness and procrastination are key vices. More recently, he has completed a cameo role for an episode in the upcoming comedy series on Vasantham, Kudumbam United. Fashion aside, the young artiste also chooses to pay attention to her diet and fitness routine.

The movie Marley and Me is also very close to my heart. That is a rather remarkable achievement, considering that he did not exactly host a passion for the field of engineering. This writer wishes her all the best in her media career as well as her entrepreneurial endeavours.


Prior to that, he had only acted in several stage plays in school. The plot of this series would revolve around the female lead and this role was taken up by the famous TV actress, Manjari. However, acting is a little more interesting as it allows me to be someone whom I am not. This writer caught up with the chatty beauty queen who shared with me her intriguing memoirs.

What remain the subject of intrigue and curiosity when a fresh celebrity is unearthed, as far as I am concerned, are the details of his or her life before fame made its arrival. Nevertheless, she considers the show of support a good start to SG50, having seen Singaporeans of all races being involved and thinks that should this continue, our little red dot can be capable of leaving a hefty impression on the international scene. It was a venture on which he embarked in Traditional and classy; Narain exudes a sense of majesty in a kurta for a wedding themed photoshoot in August Imman and was sung by Unnikrishnan.

Manjari plays the role of Ahalya, while Abser acts as her friend, Siva. Eswari Gunasagar played the demure and naive Revathi in the drama, Nasi Briyani. How teachers make or break a student’s future in Singapore. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He adds that the director of the hit drama series, Abbas Akbar, saw vasanthwm potential in him and decided to put a vile twist on the character, which resulted in Narain playing his first ever role as a villain.

Interestingly enough, she used to be a member of the concert band! The determined entrepreneur states that she would ensure that her future husband concedes to her wish of wanting to extend her career in the media field following marriage, as it is something of utmost value to her.

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How many “billions” has HDB made from housing sales? All in all, she considers herself to have been blessed to have landed a vasanhtam amidst such cooperative colleagues.

The then greenhorn had secured his role in the comedy serial by attending an audition, the result of having been egged on by a close friend. This, she reckoned, would be a major setback for her as an ambassador for Vasantham would have to be extremely fluent vasanthqm Tamil. In response to an A. Hence, she does not plan to join any other beauty pageants from now on. His breakfast is usually one that is rich in fibre while lunch would include brown rice with portions of meat and vegetables.


She also tries her vasanthqm to eat nutritious food and abstains from junk food but does not starve herself.

It is the product of having faced a lack of money to buy presents for people on special occasions when he was much younger. What was the biggest highlight for you in Miami during the Miss Universe pageant? Views Read Edit View history. Some of these would most probably have already been known to most Singaporeans, given the rather extensive vasanthma she received post-Miss Singapore Universe.


Tamil soap opera Drama. She says that Vetri is the acting venture that remains very close to her heart to date. Back in secondary school, she was often asked to partake in track and field events, considering her long legs.

Most of us know Narain as an actor who first graced our television screens on the Vasantham sitcom Miss Janualongside Annetha Ayyavoo in On regular days, you would most likely catch her clad in a vasanthamm pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Puli Vaal and Aasaigalproduced by Spectraa Productions and Eaglevision respectively are two of the several zkalya drama series which constitute his acting career.

I was called by a production house for acting for exposure.

drrama She reckons that Singaporeans did so rather remarkably this year and considers that encouraging for the local fashion and beauty scene. So, how did Rathi Menon maintain her svelte figure during the days leading up to the prestigious international pageant?

So what does this budding actress have to say about the current state of Vasantham dramas?