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The next day, Yuzu thinks she needs to be less dependent on Kippei so he can spend time with Kokoro, so she tries to walk home from school by herself. Kippei accidentally tears them while he was tickling Yuzu. The next morning Kippei promises to pick up Yuzu right after school, but on the way he runs into an old lady who needs help with directions. After Kokoro and Yuzu spend some time together without Kippei, Yuzu decides to try to go underwater again. She hits Shouta, who falls down the stairs and is knocked unconscious. It is licensed in France by Taifu Video. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream!

Kokoro doesn’t go to school the next day. Tokyo Movie Animation Production Cooperation: Miki tells Kippei’s family that her family wants to take Yuzu. Mika Itou as Miki Sakashita. She realizes her parents wouldn’t miss her, so she doesn’t need Yuzu to replace her. His life is turned upside down when one day his 5-year old cousin Yuzuyu shows up at his house after her mother had seemingly abandoned her.

Final Stage — Tengai Makyou: Reiko and Kippei go to Yuzu’s Parents’ Day at the preschool. Miyako reaffirms that she intends to take Yuzu back, but she still isn’t ready to do that yet.

Inhe began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: Class seats are changed, and Kippei ends up sitting next to Kokoro. Yoshikazu Nagano as Miki’s father.

Time Paradox Brave 10 Lupin the Third: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital Detective Conan: Hitoshi Yamada Online Editor: Chinese Taiwan cast none. Atsushi Matsubashi ep 19 Isao Hasegawa ep 2.


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Natsu tries to get Kippei to go with her to a mall so she can buy stuff with a couple’s discount, but he tells her he likes someone else. The Mightiest Disciple — Pururun! By using this site, you agree to eplsode Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Carine Champagne Laure-Anne Laureys. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Strategy Above the Depths Mushiking: The next day, Kippei is still distressed by Shouta’s family situation.

ParentingTaking care of a child. Kippei’s family meets Kokoro and invites her to stay for dinner. Emilie Barbier Marie Fuchez. The Darkest Nightmare Yowamushi Pedal: The next day, Yuzu thinks she needs to be less dependent on Kippei so he can spend time with Kokoro, so eub tries to walk home from school by herself.

Reiko and Kippei buy her a uniform dpisode her current school, but she wants to wear the old uniform.

Later that night, she sees Kippei’s letter. Fuyuka Oura as Etsuko-sensei ep 7.

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Kippei tries to find out what is wrong. At home he discovers his 5 year-old cousin, Yuzuyu, is staying with them. Coralie Vanderlinden as Yuzuyu Sakashita. After playing in the water fountain, Yuzu sees a large bruise on Shouta’s abdomen.

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Shueisha Ribon Editorial Department. Game Reviews Columns incl. Miki Kasamatsu Original creator: Her friends decide to tease her and tell her that Satsuki doesn’t like tall girls with long hair.

Kippei confronts Shouta’s mother, who abruptly leaves. Kokoro and her friends are mad at Kippei for not engllish Kokoro even once over the summer as he had promised to do. Naby makes two box lunches, one for Yuzu and one for Kokoro. Hidenobu Kiuchi as Kippei’s Homeroom Teacher.


Private Eye in the Distant Sea Lupin the 3rd vs. The manga Aishiteruze Baby was written and illustrated by Yoko Maki. At preschool, the children are supposed to write a letter to someone important to them.

On the way home, Kippei and Yuzu meet Miki. Golden Wind 20 Kaguya-sama: Yuzu has a dream and realizes she doesn’t remember her mother’s face. The preschool has an athletic day.

Junko Suzuki as Mina-chan.

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When Miyako keeps looking into the preschool playground, the teachers ask Kippei to get rid of the suspicious person. Kokoro gives her lunch to Kippei in return for him making one for her. Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace. Aisyiteruze Tsuchiya eps 17, 23 Hiroshi Ishiodori 4 episodes eps 8, 16, 20, Rie Nakagawa as Kana ep 4.

Takuya Hiramitsu Director of Photography: Akiko Kawase as Kokoro’s Mother. The Italian Adventure — Cardfight!! Masashi Fujino 7 episodes eps 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22,