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When her hands started aching her, she reached for her wire and continued. Powered by cazBit Software. Madam stopped momentarily, apparently jolted by the confession she just heard but then her eyes flared up again. Like Add to Favourite. Akpos the badest guy. So I ran into my room and started packing. She advised me to go back to the house and apologise to my madam and be careful not to find her trouble again. No part of this work either in parts or in whole should be reproduced in any format; electronic or otherwise.

Tukur Sheriff January 11, at 9: I ran into my room instantly without wasting time. This site uses cookies. He had earlier suggested to me to stop wearing pant to bed inorder to make things easier and faster without having to start fiddling up and down in the darkness trying to remove pant. Oga laughed cupping his mouth with his left palm to block off the sound. Her eyes nearly fell out of its socket when she opened the door and saw my mother and I.

Page January 10, at So I ran into my room and started packing.

Agonies Of A HouseHelp – Episode 14 – Total Jokes

Admitting the truth would mean giving myself away cheaply. I told her that my madam maltreated me and nearly killed me and I ran out of the house. With that she left me at the gate and went inside. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Agonies of a househelp is a touching story of wickedness, slavery, savagery and barbarism meted out to Adaeze when she went episodw serve her madam as househelp….

The husband turned and went back into the bedroom. It was obvious that she was the one I came to babysit. The buckets I used in fetching water were those big saclux buckets that were so heavy that I never attempted to fill them to the brim.


Funny husband Akpos the Sharp guy Akpos cup has finaly full Akpos in a hot soup Akpos the game master Akpos the fake pastor Could this be love Akpos the village thief Akpos and his wife. Sule January 14, at 6: With me and madam alone in the house with the kids, revenge was not far-fetched. For more than 3hours I ferried the bucket from well to drum and back. Then he penetrated me. The hoksehelp whistling sound came again as the first lash journeyed through the air and landed on the junction between my neck and my left shoulder sending me into fresh untold pain.

Little children whom I was older than with nothing less than 10years.

She gave me a very hard push and I fell backwards and nearly hit my head on the wall. He has been punish,now he will be planning to end my life now Christine: BickyLove Epksode 10, at 3: Oga laughed cupping his mouth with his left palm to block off the sound.

My father went for his usual palm wine tapping business and never came back. I woke up when I felt a hand gently tap me on the shoulder and I opened my eyes.

She flogged and flogged and flogged me with the wire that I almost felt I was dying. By the time I finished and went to 22, the night was far gone.

Madam was too dumbfounded to utter a word. Then I started thinking of a believable narrative to tell my madam…. Any resemblance to actual events or person is entirely coincidental.

Episode 15 The husband found me lying innocently on my small mattress with an ugly-looking night gown. I packed all my clothes into one big bag and waited for what was next. Share this post with your Friends on. I cleared the sitting room and removed the school uniforms, bags and sandals that the children scattered there and went to the bathroom to wash the uniforms.


I was still doing the work when my madam woke up. There and then she informed me that we would be going to the city the next day. I ate the food fast and retired to my small room to catch some sleep as I was very tired and exhausted….

She flogged and flogged and flogged me with the wire that I uousehelp felt I was dying. Sunday, 24 February at I ran out of the kitchen in pain and towards the bedroom. I was very weak and tired and it took me some seconds to recognise where I was.

I stayed back to clear and wash the utensils used for the dinner houzehelp having my own dinner. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Madam knew no mercy.

Agonies Of A HouseHelp

The pain of the flattened right palm of my madam landing on the mid-region of my back made me shout out as she continued the assault unperturbed. Well done to the publication crew. There was surprise and worry written all over her face and she stared at me for a while before advancing closer.


Soon, the baby went to sleep and madam went to sleep too and I had little time to myself…. I screamed and screamed yet there was no relief.

I cried out in pain and agony but madam continued undaunted. So I ran into my room and started packing. April 25, at 7: