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Email required Address never made public. Finn voice Niki Yang By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Turtle Princess voice Cole Sanchez However, when Ward was recording his lines, he felt that the story and dialogue was funny; he later noted he was just having an off day. Not sure if the eye-whites here are an animation error or not. We find out how she died, her connection with Princess Bubblegum, and what she wants from Finn.

You get a clear sense of the Farmworld universe and how it relates to the Land of Ooo so just watching it all fall apart is a tragedy on its own without thinking about how our favorite duo never existed. In this episode, Lumpy Space Princess voiced by Ward goes undercover working for Finn and Jake in order to do research for her tell-all memoir about men. Views Read Edit View history. After crossing the water, the trio enter into a cave system, where they find a mirror-like portal. With that said, this one is okay. Turtle Princess voice Cole Sanchez Bong Hee Han , Larry Leichliter. With all that we learned about Simon before he was the Ice King, it was smart to introduce a conflict that would push his story forward.

Jake and Finn are relegated advengure having an adventure indoors and utilize the powers of their imaginations, which get out of control for some reason. Season 4 Episode Going into LSP-centric episodes is always a difficult task for me. Retrieved June 27, It originally aired on Cartoon Aeventure on June 18, The whole bit with the mirrors was really spooky and interesting, and it makes me wonder what the story is behind the mirrors.

After boasting to Turtle Princess voiced by Steve Little that no man is immune to her beauty, Addventure Space Princess voiced by Pendleton Ward promises to adventhre Finn and write a tell-all book about her experience. Is it secretly what LSP most desires? However, because there were so many episodes to choose ttime, here are a few episodes that almost made the cut but are also just as essential to adventture viewing experience. Favorite episodes of Adventure Time. You have an episode like this that attempts to help her come to a realization about herself and the way she behaves, but the fact that she still stays the same in her very next appearance just makes any type of development surrounding her seem like a waste of time.


Edit Details Release Date: TV by the Numbers. Audible Download Audio Books. The Best Adventure Time Shirts. The misadventures of Finn, Jake, and Tiny Manticore provide some much-needed levity in an episode that not only gives us the origins of Magic Man, but also a twist that sets up a whole new evil.

Scientists Study Roadkill to Learn About Dinosaurs

In order to defeat the Door Lord episoe get their stolen stuff back, our group of friends have to be honest with each other—and make some kickass music. Like showing up to an interview in a grocery sack dress and fruit pie lipstick. You are commenting using your Twitter account. While Sanchez felt that these movies were “inspiring”, Sugar felt that they were “draining”. The real Finn, however, manages to break through using his sword, and Finn and Jake destroy the phantoms.

Retrieved August 24, Lumpy Space Princess, realizing that Finn is “beautiful on the inside” due to his altruism and heroic character, completely rewrites her book, much to Episoed Princess’s excitement. Bong Hee HanLarry Leichliter.

All of these wonderful Adventure Time episodes are available for download at Amazon. For instance, I love that brief little montage of Lumpy Space Princess writing a new version of her story while that song about generosity plays softly in the background.

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That would make perfect sense, because the entire episode is devoted to her realization that Finn is not attracted to her, but instead, she is attracted to him.


Season five was full of exposition reveals that affirmed a lot about what the audience had already speculated. Add the first question. I’m Lumpy Space Princess and Finn. The mechanical arm, for one, and their skills as fighters connect them even in death.

With all that we learned about Simon before he was the Ice King, it was smart to introduce a conflict that would push his story forward. This site uses cookies. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. BMO voice Pendleton Ward Share this Rating Title: Oliver Sava of The A.

Adventure Time S04E12 Gotcha

One thing was the identity of the mysterious Ghost Lady that seemed to haunt Finn. Sava felt that the episode’s final line of dialogue—featuring Jake telling Lumpy Space Princess that she’s wearing garbage, only for Lumpy Space Princess to respond, “Gotcha!

Full Cast and Crew. The episode was watched by 2. I think Cole Sanchez and Adventuer went a little overboard with how nice Finn is for the purpose of the plot.

10 essential episodes of Adventure Time –

With that said, this one is okay. The entire episode is just adventurs with nice indie vibes that I can really get behind. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Probably a hell of a lot more comfortable though also probably tougher to draw. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One of the words substituted was “cobras”. As for the plot of the episode itself, I think it also suffers a bit from being slightly disjointed. This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Turtle Princess voice Cole Sanchez