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I am glad I read this book as it was another book that showed Salar and Imama’s struggles to become a better Muslim and a better human being and to please Allah. Dont knw if its abt their relationship or the sood that she wanted salar to read the khutbah… but I just want that salar should leave the job as I myself consider it as wrong: View all 7 comments. Although, I really would like to have this book in an English copy. Oct 21, Aiman Iqbal rated it liked it. No, 3 episodes are not left. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Dec 01, H.

Apr 25, Nazish rated it liked it. For me this is all very unexpected from Umama who fell in love with Jalal after hearing his ‘Naat’. Like in case of Salaar he knew about it when he was looking for Imama … whereas for Imama, She loves him for sure but for her to know and admit that … we need to wait n see. I never expected that and it was a good surprise. I didn’t like how the characters felt out-of-character and how the story went to another level. But everything aside, this novel lost its magic because it looses the the ishq e Haqiqi aspect. Not every practicing Muslim is a good human being. In short the novel When we came to know it was an extension of “Peer e Kamil”, the way writer carried the novel is questionable.

I didn’t like how the characters felt out-of-character and how the story went to another level.

Aab-e-Hayyat By Umera Ahmed-Last Episode

You are commenting using your WordPress. What significance does the date 17th January hold? Somehow after Imama and Salaar he was he was the one I liked the most. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Also, I did read a lot of pages which indicate that I didn’t entirely hate it.


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I am going to write what I felt, my truth, the good and the bad. We didn’t get some answers. In the next half of Novel there kids, you don’t only envy to them but starting to hate them. Aab-E-Hayyat is a great novel which is going on in these days. However, in reality the book is more about the difference between munafiqeen and baa-amal Muslims.

In short the novel is full waste of time unlike the other novels of Umera Ahmed. Ayesha’s depressing life story, Ahsan Saad’s hypocrisyJibrails character, Eric’s conversion to Abdullah.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is not Salar and Imama’s story, this is the story of posterity. No trivia or quizzes yet. This is the second part to Umera Ahmed’s most famous book, Peer-e-Kamil.

Ab-e-Hayat Episode 7 Review – Read Me This

It was shown as if he had some kind of super powers and unlike any human he predicted every situtaion very accurately as if he has already seen it U have done an excellent job!!! Despite all this, Eppisode decided to give it a read and after twenty-five months of reading the sequel I’ll say I’m still as ambivalent as I was before I started reading it. We fall for the stereotypes and they exploit our respect for them.

How beautifully they are together.

I simply loved it! Now I’ve read some books and romance is my favorite genre and I’ve my fair share of some cheap and dirty ones as well but after ‘cheap’ romance novel, you got to have to read some from E. On the other epsiode, there is a woman with that man, torn and devastated for nine years, but eventually finds peace with him.


It has pulled me towards realizing what ”eternal life” in the ”hereafter” means, what ”Jannah” means! But despite all this. Imama was surprised to find out that Salaar performed Umra on her behalf every time he came here, and she listened his recitation of Quran.

She loves to read adult romance and has read up to to romance novels and as per Salar’s monologue, ‘not good ones but really cheap and dirty ones’. To find out umeda, including how to control cookies, see here: I read it during my exams I was that hauat lol. Problem is I’ve read and liked such novel where only plot revolve around the love life of two main leads but what’s really off putting in this love story is a its boring and b the character of Umama.

Sep 07, Hwyat rated it liked it. At first author said that she spent her life in extreme conditions,but suddenly she demanded a mansion with a river and all facilities of the world. Hashim Mubeen was charged with attempted assault, but Salaar took back all charges because of Imama.

Q and they actually prepared for contest but for Humain they were no challenge at all I love reading books and comics. Although, I really would like to have this book in an English copy.

Jul 13, Muhammad Jahangeer Thaheem rated it it was amazing. They go and visit a palmist who tells Imama that she has two marriage lines on her hand.