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When she asks why Aaron would choose to steal from her, Aaron tells her about Gordon’s abuse. When Aaron ignites a bale of hay at the Bartons’ farm Holly’s father, John James Thornton , hits him and locks him in a stable. Later, Robert is hit by the Whites’ car and taken to the hospital. When Liv returns after looking after her mother, Aaron tries to hide the details about his breakup with Robert, but eventually tells her. Jackson comes to the village to talk to Aaron. Aaron discovers that Chas has resumed her relationship with Carl and he tells her that he wants nothing more to do with her. Despite Paddy’s initial annoyance at his presence, the two form a close father-son relationship.

He meets Wayne Dobson Gary Hanks who taunts him about his sexuality, back in the village Jackson witnesses this and sticks up for Aaron. After Robert and Aaron return from their break and move into the Mill, Robert breaks down and confesses that he slept with Rebecca, she got pregnant as a result and he told her to have an abortion. In February , Susan Hill of the Daily Star reported Aaron would exit the village in “heartbreaking scenes” after turning down the chance to leave with his new man, Ed Roberts Lloyd Everitt. Over the summer, Aaron and Robert get engaged again. When confronted by his cellmate Ethan, Aaron claims to have a gay brother in order to cover his tracks. Aaron reluctantly helps drive Rebecca to the hospital when she goes into labor. He self-harms and attempts to buy drugs off of his ex-cellmate, leading to an encounter with Jason. As the storyline progressed, Aaron was seen struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, before admitting the truth to his friend and guardian Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt.

Jackson blames Aaron for the crash and they break up, Aaron refuses to see Jackson, even when Hazel asks him to. Jackson is permanently paralysed from the neck down and Aaron tells him that he will not walk again as Jackson’s mother, Hazel Rhodes Pauline Quirkecannot do it.

Miller said “Being a straight actor and having to kiss another lad, I’m not going to lie, I was a bit worried about it, because it’s a great test of your acting skills. Jackson’s mood starts to deteriorate and he pushes Aaron away.

While Paddy gives them some time alone, Liv immediately senses something is amiss and is shocked to discover her brother is on drugs.


Aaron later spots a fire in the garage and helps Adam save Cain, who had become trapped. Though Aaron feels that the baby will always be a reminder of Robert’s infidelity and Rebecca tries convincing him to leave Robert, Aaron decides to stand with Robert and convinces him to take an active role in the baby’s life.

This section may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. I saw it as a challenge and said yes, but I was still quite anxious about it. Chas convinces Sandra to give a statement to the police and Liv comes to stay with Aaron for a while.

Aaron is later found in a near catatonic state by the prison chaplain, Fr Aiden who delivers some tough love, saying Aaron needs to open up to the people he cares about or end up llvesy Jason. Libesy is embarrassed and tells Adam that he misunderstood the situation. Robert visits Aaron in prison where the pair struggle to hide their emotions. Robert suggests to Aaron that they ,ivesy Chas and Liv for a few weeks and after getting the all clear from his probation officer, they leave the village.

Lachlan tells Aaron that Robert is having an affair with Rebecca. Aaron sells a clocked car to Mickey Hall Lee Oakes. Violent, angry and always in trouble, the character quickly established himself as the ‘baddest’ stpryline bad boys. Chas tells Aaron that Gordon admitted to abusing him.

Aaron reluctantly helps drive Rebecca to the hospital when she goes into labor. Liv attempts to convince Robert to fight for Aaron, but when he is rude to her in front of Rebecca, she steals his car and a bottle of spiked rum from Home Farm.

Aaron Livesy

He leaves the village to visit Chas and Liv for a short time. Family Father Gordon Livesy. Liv is disappointed that no one has remembered her birthday and lashes out at Aaron and Chas. Aaron worries that the stress of it is getting to him.

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Archived from the original on 5 December Devastated, Aaron orders Robert to leave and nearly self-harms before seeing his counselor. The character’s most notable storylines since his return have been his relationship with Robert Sugden Ryan Hawleyhis role in Katie Sugden ‘s Sammy Winward death, self-harming, revealing that he was sexually abused by his father when he was a child, reuniting with his estranged half-sister Liv Flaherty Isobel Steele and becoming her guardian, being sent to prison for GBH, and breaking up and reuniting with Robert, playing a part in raising his son, and marrying him.


A writer for Holy Soap said Aaron’s most memorable moment was “His realisation about his sexuality and the emotional scenes where he told Paddy the truth. Battered and bruised, Aaron rings Chas and tells her to see Sarah in Prague, assuring his mum he’s ok but after Jason stops by to warn him its only the beginning, he crumples the floor and suffers a severe panic attack.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Knowing myself and knowing Adam and his long-term girlfriend, he’s the last person you’d expect in that position.

Retrieved 27 December James Thornton John Barton discussing a storyline in which Aaron ignited a bale of hay at the Barton family’s farm [2] [3].

Later, Aaron goes to see Jason again and agrees to deliver drugs to other inmates for him; Ethan warns Aaron if he gets caught, he’ll risk his appeal. Retrieved 7 April The next morning, Ethan offers Aaron a joint of spice to help with the pain but Aaron refuses, saying his 6pm phonecall to Liv and Robert will get him through the day.

Gordon is sentenced to 18 years in prison. An angry and humiliated Lawrence beats up Robert, who seeks Aaron for help. When Sandra says she changed her surname to keep Liv safe, Aaron works out that she knows what happened. Aaron returns to the bar to meet Jackson. Robert is shot, sending him into a coma. Liv passes out from the drugged alcohol and is taken to the hospital. The next day, Aaron attends his first counselling session and with Robert’s encouragement finds himself finally able to open up about his problems and admitting that he wants to change.

Finn tells him he deserves to go to prison, but hopes he does not. The police inform Aaron that, because of the second statement, they are pressing charges against Gordon.