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I totally agreed that Aik Mohabbat Sau Afsanay should be in this list. The list of Pakistani top dramas will be incomplete with out Ashfaq Ahmed’s classic dramas! Although it had only 13 episodes, drama-watchers remember the streets being deserted at the time it would air. Its all gone man. There might have been a radio program by that name in that year No questions about the above list, however, Angan Tehra should have been in this list as well, maybe in place of Parchaiyan.

I would love to add Andhera Ujala n fifty fifty instead of Ainak wala Jin. These dramas were amazing.. Although not a drama but a drama in real life, “Kaliyan”, a children’s program that gave us innumerable artists of top most level. I just would like to add “Dhuwan” in this list too!!! Our society has regressed Big time. What wonderful dramas PTV used to make. These dramas were legend and all actors of these dramas are legends.

It was an adaptation of the Book “Fathers and Sons”. Where aagpsh Janjaal Pura? We like to say we’re going through a ‘revival’ of sorts when it comes to TV in Pakistan — but lets not forget dramas of yore, that were just as awesome in their day as Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai are now.

Aagosh Classical PTV Drama Serial – Part 1/12 – video dailymotion

I miss my Pakistan of that era. Ankahi, Dhoop Kinare can’t forget. It will be interesting to see viewers from Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar or Quetta put forth their top 10 and rank them Another cult classic, this drama was aired multiple times over the years due to its popularity. I watched it in but the story and the characters are so relevant to the our present environment. Episoce by AnkahiBollywood released the movie Chal Mere Bhai in with the same story line as the drama. What wonderful dramas PTV used to make.


Same could be said of bollywood movies of the past. It changed the way production-design was handled in Pakistani asgosh. Mar 14, This is one of the oldest and greatest dramas in the history of Pakistani television. It would be great injustice not to mention it here. Our society has regressed Big time. Old but not forgotten: Khuda ki Basti had an unconventional storyline focusing on the prevalent social issues of society, and was telecasted twice the second time in at the insistence of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto — it was his favorite play!

Both India and Pakistan need a paradigm shift to move from covert warfare to strategic realism.

Is there any way to bring back those good old times? I voted for Waris as No 1 as I remember the city of Lahore had a deserted look when this particular drama was telecasted.


Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. These dramas were amazing. There should be more in the list Rozi, Half Plate, chand-girhan etc etc. Kyaa yaad kara dya zaalim. What’s in a name: These are the assets of Pakistan. For the first time we saw two young women sisters taking up the traditional role of men — working jobs, running businesses, earning money and making a living — after their parents died and left them in extreme debt.

Ainak wala jin was popular – i personally wouldnt term it a classic though. Some commentors are questioning “Ainak wala jin”, it definitely belong in the list.

PTV Drama Serial Aagosh Ep# 01

Pkistan drama have been always strong in every part. The late Nasheela of Ainak Wala Jin.

Slowly but surely, an efficient reporting system is taking hold in Pakistan. I see all this happy nostalgia and longing for the old Pakistan. Mar 16, Some of the eepisode mentioned are not from the time when only ptv existed No Iphones, no ipads, Rs. A rerun of some of these on International Channels would be highly appreciated by the older as well as the present generations, and enable the Pakistani as also the Indian communities living abroad to understand each others’ cultures and ways of life which are common in many ways so that there is more cordiality and congeniality among them henceforth.


AAGHOSH EP 1 – video dailymotion

Thank you for sharing such wonderful dramas information. With Laila Zuberi etc.

Although it had only 13 episodes, drama-watchers remember the streets being deserted at the time it would air. Kiya yaad kara diya wah! FATF chief criticised for failing to take action against Modi. Such a shame that no such programmes are made in Pakistan anymore. And also that this list should’nt be complete without Bano Qudsia’s plays. I enjoyed that one. People from different cities and provinces would work together and speak their national language Urdu.

Good old days and 8PM drama shows, when women of household, children, men and even servants would complete all their chores to be free for the drama hour.

Waris was one of the best Pakistani dramas i’ve ever seen!!

The best thing about pakistani drama are they are far excellent compared to indian farce soaps, because all pk drama are Urdu based. Rretroactive Have you ever watched Ankahi.