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I even saw your people feeling moved by our suffering. This one has no name. I’m sure you’ll be happy. So the wheel exists. What can we do? But a hero, is a little too much. This colossal work seems to defy their power. Why sacrifice yourself for these bandits?

Let’s do all that is needed. The colossus is in our hands. They know the four of us too well. You’ll be in good company! Who are those people? You can feel satisfied.

We can still stop them. At the Lysos battle I won Calimac thanks to the lightning that struck it. This colossal work seems to defy their power.

It’s awful that I love to play jokes on men.

A Rodoszi Kolosszus Hun [p Hd] [teljes Film] | Readable

It is a peaceful place to talk. Quickly, take those horses! Had you already forgotten me? Not necessarily my nephew. We’re waiting for a friend’s signal.

And I found myself on the other side.


A Kolosszus.2017

This one has no name. They’re made from, flower petals, sea bubbles and of You see Dario, here women exude a certain fragrance. In times of peace, it is too much. What should I say?

Now I understand why you were in such a hurry to get on. He’s hiding Phoenician soldiers on the temple. All of Rhodes is very proud. The treason happened in your palace.

There’s no more hope. Now we can even have the end of the world Let’s try to get out of here! No ship can leave the port without my permission.

What do you mean? Let’s take the horses! Do you think that Greek man was spying on us?

Is that the master of your destiny? To bring peace to our people I will be leading them. These vibrations, if continued would shatter his eardrums.

Megtalálták a legnagyobb szuperhalmaz-kezdeményt

But the colossus really moved. So that we can sleep soundly. But these lies are already enough to condemn you, even without knowing their goal. Have you spoken to the Greek? Your country is powerful. The elder of the family and the head of the rebels.


Each of them knows and accepts the huge risk. If it is realized this weapon should make us invincible. So then promise me one thing.

You have to know to expect the future. But I can still break them.

You know it quite well. Tonight, at the port, a man will light a torch. At least today you should’t be sad. I already thought you were far away from Rhodes.